Complete Solution

A Furio SkyDolly system includes everything you need to add a complete ceiling-mounted rail system to your studio. This includes custom-built trusses that are ordered to your exact specifications and are specifically designed to support not only the weight of the system, but also the dynamic forces generated by the fully-loaded dolly moving at high speed on the track.

Add our inverted S2 Lift to incorporate smooth, linear vertical movement in your shots, or select one of our fixed length columns to position the camera at exactly the right height.

Just like the floor-mounted Furio SE/S2, track configurations for SkyDolly can be extremely flexible, with support for sections that are straight, curved, or a combination of both. Curved tracks will be custom built to fit the required studio dimensions. Two Furio SkyDollys can safely run on the same track with fully automated Collision Avoidance.