Mirroring & Redundancy

For media file redundancy, Streamline can mirror all media clips across your entire network, including within: Tria News local storage; your central NAS; and the Streamline server itself. If any one of these storage systems fail, you’ll still have backup media libraries to draw from.

For playout redundancy, two Tria News servers can be paired together for primary and redundant playout. Streamline doesn’t just mirror clip files between the two servers, but also rapidly alters the rundown playlist on-the-fly, to ensure the remaining server playout channels are used effectively.

For rundown redundancy, Tria News includes the same user-friendly Tria Explorer interface that has made servers such a success with operators. In the event your MOS-based rundown is lost, you can quickly build out a playlist directly on the Tria News server. Even if you lose connection with your central NAS/NLE suites, you still have access to intuitive clip trimming tools that allow you to turn around recorded content entirely within the Tria News server itself.