Rundown Control

As show rundowns are built and video files are uploaded to assignments in the NRCS, Streamline automatically transfers these files to the local Tria News SSD storage and/or to central NAS. In addition to this file transfer, Streamline also instantly builds out a rundown playlist in Tria News based upon the rundown created in your NRCS.

With Streamline, you can select the use of Tria News playout channels as you see fit. You can hold one of the four playout channels in reserve—and then playout across three channels; or you can even duplicate the playlist across two Tria News servers for completely redundant playout—the choice is yours.

Once you’re on-air, playout can be controlled by commands from the NRCS, from an external automation system, from a production switcher—or even manually, from the user-friendly control interface built right into the Tria News server itself!