Real-Time Motion Graphics XPression Applications


As the world’s best real-time 3D rendering engine, XPression has hardware and software solutions for every type of graphics environment. XPression solutions take advantage of a cohesive software suite, purpose-built hardware, tight integration with other Ross products, and partnership with leading 3rd-party companies. These powerful single-vendor solutions are backed up by the most highly ranked customer service in the industry. From news to virtual sets, graphics professionals trust Ross XPression.


XPression supports a full MOS newsroom workflow, perfect for your operations from basic to enterprise level. All template assets are managed and distributed by the XPression Project Server, so there is no chance that your graphics won’t make it to air. The Project Server also enables “re-skinning” of graphics, permitting a different look to be applied to existing MOS objects. XPression Maps empowers artists and journalists to better inform your viewers of the latest breaking news. To manage replaceable graphics, XPression’s openMAM asset management architecture enables you to leverage a variety of media, content, and production asset management systems such as Ross Streamline. XPression also supports Ross Inception News and other popular newsroom computer systems. The news workflow is extended into the editing room with NLE tools that permit editors to share graphics with producers and reporters.

Live Sports

XPression’s lightning fast recall times, ability to interface with live data, and to be controlled both manually and from custom applications at the same time, make it an ideal solution for your live sports productions. Both XML data for stats and “clock and score” from major scoreboard manufacturers can be processed simultaneously in XPression. Frame-accurate switcher integration for cost-effective single channel workflows without compromising graphic quality is also possible. Cost-effective telestration is available with XPression Telestrate. XPression Project Server can be used to send updates into the field on game day with appropriate IT connectivity.

Stadiums and Arenas

XPression is ideal for the large scoreboards that populate stadiums and arenas around the world. The layered playout capabilities of XPression, along with the amazing data handling capabilities, delivers you dynamic attention-grabbing graphics and statistical displays. Used in combination with Ross production switchers, Dashboard control panels, and other Ross products, XPression provides a complete single-vendor solution for sports venues.


XPression is the graphics system of choice for today’s entertainment television. Major award shows, red carpet shows, beauty pageants, entertainment news, and the most popular reality competition shows, all use XPression. Unlike competing systems, XPression handles your last-minute changes with ease, including making global changes to hundreds of pages instantaneously! Switching standards on the fly, conforming to 4:3 safe areas, or timing credit rolls down to the frame are no problem for XPression. To quote an industry veteran, XPression has brought fun back to being a graphics operator!


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for channel branding. Your implementations are all different with varying automation and traffic systems, along with highly customized workflows. This is why Ross takes a multi-pronged approach to branding with 3 different XPression products that suit your various approaches to branding. XPression Tick-it is perfect for data-intensive displays like tickers and L-bars, while XPression Brand-it is designed for specialty channel branding. The XPression Automation Gateway is a basic solution for direct control by existing automation systems.


XPression is an ideal platform for all sorts of elections, with the ability to provide complex 3D visualizations of results on-screen or as virtual elements on-set. Simple data aggregation is possible using the XPression Datalinq Server, or the XPression Tick-it Server provides you full manual and automated election data gathering for tickers, L-bars, and full-screen graphics.


The ability for your presenters to work interactively with 3D scenes and to draw on the video screen itself are core capabilities in real-time graphics ecosystems. XPression provides systems that empower you with touchscreen presentation tools and full telestration functionality. XPression Touch Factory is an intuitive application that permits you to build day-of-air presentations without hiring a programmer. XPression Telestrate is an economical and feature-rich tool for sports analysis and other types of on-screen illustration.

Social Media

XPression Connect provides you with a powerful live-to-air social media playout tool. In fast-paced live programming, it’s critical when messages go on and off screen, as well as which messages are selected from moderated queues. With XPression Connect, your operators can make a playlist from any feed, or drag and drop messages from multiple feeds into a custom playlist. Graphics can crawl, tick, or animate on- with or without avatar images. With the XPression Datalinq Server, additional functionality like viewer polling is possible. XPression integrates with Ross Inception Social, as well as other social media systems.

Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality

XPression includes the latest generation graphics engine which is also suitable for your virtual sets and augmented reality. Built-in virtual tools like depth-of-field, lens distortion, image centering and sizing, native support for Trackmen and Ncam protocols, and a global camera make XPression ideal for your toughest virtual applications. Support for Ross Robotics, Egripment Cranes, as well as tracking and calibration interfaces for third party camera systems via Ross UX software means that XPression will work in nearly any virtual or augmented reality environment. For more cost-effective virtual sets, XPression works with Ross Trackless Studio when tracking data is not present.