Real-Time Motion Graphics XPression Integration


The XPression graphics platform integrates tightly with other Ross products to provide you more production power, flexibility, and a better user experience. In addition, the open architecture of XPression and trusted partnerships with third party partners opens up even more possibilities.

XPression + Streamline
Ross Streamline production asset and order management system is designed to work seamlessly with XPression graphics systems and workflow tools. Your XPression newsroom and NLE users can search for graphics, fulfill templates, or generate work orders for new content from Streamline’s modern browser-based interface.

XPression + Ross Virtual Solutions
XPression delivers spectacular rendering for tracked and trackless virtual set and augmented reality systems from Ross Virtual Solutions. Ross UX manages configuration, calibration, and control for tracked solutions, while Ross Trackless Studio is a purpose-built user interface for trackless virtual implementations.

XPression + Inception News / Inception Social
XPression MOS workflows are tightly integrated with Inception media workflow applications. The multi-platform newsroom computer system and social media tools including filtering and moderation for social media that you can translate to on-air graphics.

XPression + DashBoard
Ross DashBoard is a facility control system with intuitive panel building capabilities for you to build highly-customized UIs for XPression, other Ross Video products, and third party systems. These purpose-built panels bring a new level of cohesiveness to your ecosystems including those using XPression graphics.

XPression + OverDrive
OverDrive is the industry’s leading automated production control solution. XPression works with the OverDrive workflow to provide you a tightly integrated production graphics solution, including automated insertion and playout of graphics.

XPression + Acuity
The large, high-powered Acuity production switchers offer comprehensive control over XPression graphics. Acuity can recall specific templates as part of complex switcher macros, or simply advance through a prepared playlist.

XPression + Carbonite
Using XPression Designer’s built-in RossLinq functionality, a direct connection is made to the media stores in the Ross Carbonite series of performance production switchers. Individual still graphics are transferred in a few seconds and displayed live, providing a cost-effective graphics solution. It’s also possible to use switcher media stores as a preview channel for single channel XPression systems.

XPression + Ross Robotics
XPression can receive tracking data from Ross Furio and CamBot camera heads, lifts, and dollies for compelling virtual sets and augmented reality in complex productions

XPression + openGear®
openGear® signal processing includes the MDK, multi-definition keyer, which provides video and embedded audio mixing with linear keying for XPression in mission-critical environments.
openGear® video delay cards are also used with XPression in virtual set and augmented reality applications.

XPression + Third Party Products
XPression integrates well with a wide variety of third party applications. Visit the XPression Marketplace for information regarding trusted partners, or contact your local Ross representative to discuss solutions for your unique needs.