Real-Time Motion Graphics XPression Applications Tessera

XPression Tessera™

Multi-Display Real-Time Graphics Designer / Controller for Sports Venues & Studio Video Walls
XPression Tessera is the latest addition to Ross Video’s broad line of real-time graphics products and workflow tools. Tessera enables users to link together multiple XPression engines to create a scalable matrix of channels for seamless output of scenes across large or irregularly assembled display panels. Perfect for sports scoreboards, ribbon boards, and studio video walls, Tessera’s resolution can scale just by adding more XPression engines or “Tessera nodes.”

Frame-accurate, non-tearing recall of graphics and clips across any or all nodes is made possible with XPression’s new Multi-Engine Sync technology. More importantly, XPression’s unlimited scene layering on output is preserved across Tessera nodes for incredibly dynamic animations and transitions.

XPression Tessera Screenshot

The Tessera Region Manager allows operators to divide scenes into regions and assign those regions to specific nodes. The Tessera Node Manager allocates the XPression engines and channels to be used as render nodes. And, the XPression Project Server handles automatic one-click publishing of scene updates and resources to all nodes for ultimate efficiency.

XPression Tessera Output

Whether you need to drive large displays in sports venues or build a studio video wall, XPression Tessera is the most powerful and cost-effective solution available today.

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