Real-Time Motion Graphics XPression Top Reasons to Buy

Top Reasons to Buy

XPression Graphics Engines and Virtual Renderers
XPression real-time graphics systems check all of the boxes with a host of features and functionality that satisfy the most demanding users.

  • Modern systems without large amounts of legacy code
  • Easy and approachable user interface
  • Instant recalls with intelligent caching
  • Hardware-independent to leverage the latest technology for 4K and beyond
  • Operational flexibility with manual and/or automated control
  • Affordable and powerful portable systems
  • Transition logic for intelligent transitions based on conditions, and on-air updates to individual fields
  • Visual Logic for drag and drop scene automation
  • Support for Ross UX and multiple camera tracking systems for flawless virtual sets and augmented reality

XPression graphics systems are easy-to-use, yet powerful systems that offer shorter than average learning curves, need less training time, and require fewer outside services, which results in an overall lower total cost of ownership.

XPression Workflow Tools
Complete end-to-end MOS and NLE news graphics workflows for individual broadcasters or enterprise operations leave no gaps in the production process.

  • MOS and NLE plug-ins with access to on-air templates
  • Reliable graphics sharing and media moving with the XPression Project Server
  • openMAM™ connectivity to local asset managers or Ross Streamline
  • Remote Sequencer for single-point control of multiple channels or systems
  • Re-skinning of MOS graphics to achieve alternate looks for different shows without manipulation of the original content

By eliminating the need to acquire and integrate a large number of third party components, producing and delivering news graphics is faster, less costly, and more consistent in quality.

XPression Clip Servers and Transcoding
Production server hardware and transcoding software provides a complete clip workflow tightly integrated with graphics production and delivery.

  • Transparent clip transcoding to a highly-efficient codec that provides a consistent clip format for guaranteed performance
  • Pre-roll elimination with lightning-fast recalls and back-to-back transitions
  • An intuitive user interface, plus automation control via multiple protocols
  • Drag and drop background transcoding and multi-point publishing of content
  • Multi-channel playout
  • Multi-channel baseband and file-based ingest
  • Multi-clip layered playout on a single output
  • Clip browser and database with metadata
  • Clip preview and trimming
  • NAS or SAN attached storage available
  • Option to add full CG functionality as an upgrade

Without the need to acquire and integrate a third party server or transcoder, delivering clips and graphics together is easier, less costly, and more consistent in quality.

XPression Software Applications
Dynamic map creation with flight paths in the art department or newsroom

  • Client-server configuration where reporters and producers can make their own maps from pre-defined templates to provide consistent brand identity
  • Microsoft© Bing Maps™ and NASA’s Blue Marble space images with an integrated search function
  • Super high-resolution, down to 0.3 meters per pixel, showing roads and buildings from street level
  • Dynamic looks with smooth flights from one location to another along with text and object animations

Drawing on video and interactive navigation of graphical content, videos, and animations.

  • Touchscreen workflow without requiring programming knowledge and has a built-in menu hierarchy like DVD authoring
  • Talent can interact with content through the use of any touchscreen-enabled monitor.
  • Available as efficient dual-mode software for creation and playout of interactive presentations
  • Drawing tool for sports analysis and other types of on-screen presentations
  • Commentators draw directly on the video output
  • Robust toolset, including lines, curves, arrows, and animated icons
  • Replay server control
  • X-keys and keyboard shortcuts

High quality presentation tools create more sophisticated looks that hold viewer interest and add to viewer engagement.

Social media playout control of moderated feeds and on-air graphics with multiple provider support

  • Designed for high-pressure live production environments
  • Use multiple feeds simultaneously
  • Drag and drop, reorder, float messages with on-screen previews of messages in templates
  • Select specific messages to put on-air
  • Animate, crawl, or tick graphics
  • Creation of custom playlists from moderated or un-moderated feeds
  • Export playlists to text file for review prior to manual or automatic playback

The ability to control when social media graphics go on and off-screen, prevents anything going to air that was unplanned.

Collaborative channel branding applications with a browser-based workflow, central server architecture, and multi-channel capabilities provide data-rich and scheduled branding

  • Browser-based applications permits multiple individuals to contribute to branding workflows
  • Central server architecture with user rights management audit trail ensures the right data gets to air
  • Highly scalable from a single channel to a virtually unlimited number of channels
  • Eliminates complicated automation protocols and leverages traffic system connectivity
  • Server for tickers and info channels takes the complexity out of data-rich graphics, and combines live data sources with
  • manually entered content
  • Unlimited advance scheduling, including setting recurring events
  • Ability to schedule promos on other channels for cross-channel promotion
  • Support for numerous types of data such as news headlines, weather, sports, stocks, traffic, school closings, alerts,
  • elections, community events, and more
  • Built-in as-run logging
  • Works for news with MOS interactivity

Having well integrated branding tools are an excellent way to generate new revenue via sponsored graphics and branding.