TES-8643 3G / HD / SD SDI VANC Processor


3G / HD / SD SDI VANC Processor

Performs data insertion, processing, and extraction inside the VANC data space of a 3G / HD / SD SDI video signal.

The TES-8643 is a single channel advanced VANC Data processor, capable of insertion, processing, and extraction in a large variety of VANC Data workflows. The card can receive and / or transit data via either TCP/IP or a serial connection from external devices and manage the insertion, processing, and extraction of the data inside the VANC data space of an SDI video signal. The card also supports SCTE-104 message insertion, making it an ideal choice for digital program insertion (DPI) applications. The TES-8643 SDI input / output can be 3G, HD or SD-SDI and supports all of the popular formats. The card has an autosensing SDI input which locks to the correct video format for processing. The TES-8643 is designed for the openGear® family, and occupies 4 slots in the OG3 Frame.

  • 3G / HD / SD-SDI Operation (SMPTE 259, 292, 424 Compliant)
  • Fully Bypass Relay protected Program Path
  • High Bitrate VANC Insertion / Extraction
  • SCTE-104 and Custom Data formatted data support
  • Multiple Outputs for Monitoring Purposes
  • IP Based Control and Monitoring via DashBoard
  • 5-year transferable warranty


VANC Data Processor
VANC Processor

Rear Module Suffix (ex: [model]-R2)
-R2 Rear module for TES-8643




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