SD / HD / 3G-SDI Master Control and Branding Mixer / Keyer

Compact Modular Master Control Mixer/Keyer with animated logos, squeezeback, audio mixing and remote control.

Built to meet the demands of 24/7 operation, the MC1-MK-4GB is the most affordable, dedicated master control solution. It features audio & video program mix plus 4 keyers and animated logo playout. The included DVE allows smooth squeezebacks with flexible layering. Intuitive DashBoard operation allows for an easy transition and brings operators up to speed quickly.

Integrate the MC1 with your chosen automation system, router and graphics system with a variety of control and media transfer protocols.

MC1-MK-4GB installs in the robust openGear® chassis. Simple scaling solutions allow for additional openGear® cards; add an additional channel by adding a 2nd MC1-MK-4GB or add a variety of additional functions such as Loudness Processing, Dolby™ Encoding, and Nielsen Watermarking.

Legendary, lifetime Ross support and 5-year warranty make MC1 an excellent value.

Video Features

  • SD (480i / 576i), HD (720p / 1080i) and 3G-SDI video formats (1080p)
  • Background A/B Mix
  • 4 Keyers
  • 1 External Key/Fill Input
  • 4 Animated Logo Generators
  • DVE Squeezeback
  • Fade to Black

Audio Features

  • Audio Shuffle
  • Audio Gain / Invert
  • Audio Downmix
  • Audio Over


  • Rosslinq interface to XPression LiveCG
  • EAS Text Crawl
  • NK, Ultrix and 3rd-party Router Support
  • Automation Support via Presmaster protocol
  • RossTalk
  • GPI
  • DashBoard Control
  • Optional Control Panel


  • Integrated Bypass Relay
  • Up to 5 channels in an openGear frame
  • 5-year warranty

Standard System Includes:

  • 1x NK-IPS NK Network IP Configuration Device
  • 1x MC1-MK A/V Mixer Keyer
  • 1x OGX-FR openGear® Frame with Network Control
  • DashBoard Control Software
MC1-164 3G / HD / SD 16 Input Master Control
MC1-16 3G / HD / SD 16 Input Master Control with 12 Aux Buses
MC1-32 3G / HD / SD 32 Input Master Control (Configurable to 72)
MC1-64 3G / HD / SD 64 Input Master Control (Configurable to 72)
MC1-128 3G / HD / SD 128 Input Master Control (Configurable to 144)




System Options Details
MC1-MK-4GB-R2 Additional Multi-Channel or Backup MC1-MK A/V Mixer Keyer with Rear Module
OGX-FR-CN openGear® 20 Slot Frame with Network Control
PS-OGX Redundant Power Supply for OGX-FR Frame
MC1-EAS-C 4 Channel Analog audio Emergency Alert Interface
MC1-EAS-A 8 Channel Digital AES audio Emergency Alert Interface
MC1-PortEx Comtrol Network Port Expander Interface (Required for EAS support)
MC1 Control Options Details
DB-TURNKEY-CLIENT DashBoard Client 23” Touchscreen All-in-One PC with Window OS
MC1-PANEL-16 MC1 Control Panel w/ 16 Source Buttons
Router Control Options Details
RCP-NK1 40 LED Illuminated Button Local / Remote Control Panel




Commissioning* Details
MC1-COM-1ST Onsite Commissioning, 1st Day
MC1-COM-ADD Onsite Commissioning, Additional Day
MC1-COM-REM Remote Commissioning

* Commissioning packages are based on size and scale of the installation and the components involved.


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