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Toward Live Production in the Media Data Center. A Case Study
by John R. Naylor, Technology Strategist, Ross Video, Ltd

1. Introduction

This paper is a case study about how we, Ross Video, created a complete virtualized IP video Newsroom Production System, hosted on Cisco UCS infrastructure and orchestrated its life-cycle with Cisco hybrid multi-cloud technology.

Our main purpose was to gain additional practical experience with some key technologies including: IP and Data Center Technology for Broadcast and Virtualized Production, together with how to orchestrate them within the context of a Media Data Center.

This paper is about what we learned. It covers the demo, the technology choices and tradeoffs involved and some of the tools we developed along the way.

We will also share our conclusions about what this all means today, where dual-technology production is the practical reality, and the future where Software Defined Production will become the new common sense.

But before we dive into the technology, let’s have a look at the reasons our mutual customers are asking for solutions based on Video over IP and Software based workflows.

2. Motivation

The big four benefits that our customers are seeking from virtualized production are Utilization, Flexibility, Centralization and improved Resilience.

2.1 Flexibility

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