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Douglas Johnson
Marketing Product Manager

Executive Summary

Live television is made safe with a flexible, feature-rich digital delay offering a variety of video and audio masking techniques.

Keep it Clean

  • Provides an industry-leading solution used by major broadcasting networks in various global markets
  • Avoids penalties from obscenities, wardrobe malfunctions, and offensive gestures
  • Provides insurance with digital video and audio delay

Smoothly Hide Content

  • Masks video with variable defocus, luminance matte, and auxiliary “safe” input
  • Masks audio with unique audio jumble, mute, and auxiliary “safe” input
  • Provides more elegant and less noticeable concealments for audiences than “video switch” and “beep tone”

Share the Load

  • Incudes unique Dual-User operations, to ensure offensive content is eliminated during critical, high-profile broadcasts
  • Easily divides delay time between two users by simply adding a second “Panic Button Panel”
  • Minimizes operator error with simple set up and personalization







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