Live Event Management Inception Live FAQ


➔ Can we create template grids or even scripts?

➔ Can more than one user be making a change at once?

➔ Do I have to download software to each computer designated for use?

➔ Is there an easy way to track sponsorships during the game?

➔ Is there a messaging tool?

➔ How many people can be logged in at once?

➔ What about social media?

➔ Is there anything that will help us catch bad words?

➔ Can Inception Live help my site go paperless?

➔ What about integrating graphics or video?

➔ What social media platforms does Inception support?

➔ Does Inception Social support CMS integration?

➔ How many social media accounts can we connect in Inception?

➔ How many users can we create?

➔ Do all users have the same access to social media accounts?

➔ How will a social media post published through Inception appear to our followers?

➔ Can you post to multiple accounts?

➔ What about ingesting social media videos?

➔ Can you help us filter against inappropriate language?