Live Event Management Inception Live Key Features

Key Features

Planning and Production

Game Day and Live Event Production Grid
Preparing a game day line-up for production is a routine task for producers and directors. Inception allows users to tailor and customize this display to their preferences. Enter game day information, sponsorships, timing, and your entire event line-up in a collaborative grid-based environment that can be seen by anyone with access to the Inception environment. Last minute changes are reflected instantaneously for everyone in the line-up, and the optional playout option will follow you through the production and help keep you on-time.

Messaging and Conversations
Converse in both one-on-one and group chats directly within the game day environment. Invite users into a conversation; download the conversation history, and share photos and documents. Better yet, Inception’s messaging system is linked to content, allowing users working on a production line-up or playlist to easily communicate with anyone else working on that content.

Notifications for new messages and conversations appear clearly in the Inception main user interface, alongside any other high priority alerts.

Workflows and Tools

Customizable Grids and User Defined Columns
Every venue has unique requirements and prefer to tailor columns for their operating environment and workflow. Inception offers complete customization over the visibility, size, and location of columns in production grids and playlists. With Inception you can define columns, including support for lists, users, checkboxes, and text fields. Inception will also validate user entries to ensure they meet the various criteria restrictions against the fields. Create grids to track sponsorships on your scoreboard, power ring, digital signage, or any other application you can dream up.

Contacts and Groups
Centralize all of your key game day contacts in case you need to reach anyone. Inception provides the ability for you to input all of your key contact information in a globally accessible user interface, so producers always know how to get a hold of you, your engineering teams, or a member of your production staff should the need arise.

Paperless Workflow
Provide your production team the ability to get the latest updates to scripts and your event line-up with an interactive tablet view for the Apple iPad. On-air talent and producers are able to view the entire contents of the line-up digitally by simply swiping between stories or quickly jumping between scripts. Eliminating paper scripts helps preserve the environment and saves you money in the process.

Designed for Social Media

Content Discovery and Social Media Feeds
Give your audience a voice, and discover great content for your game day scoreboard and venue digital signage. Inception provides a rich set of search and discovery tools for social media content, enabling quick searches and keyword monitoring. When combined with geo-targeted filters, you can target user content from those fans in the stadium, and use those fan photos and text as part of your game day production.

Social Media Management
To moderate and manage your social media accounts, Inception offers a rich set of publishing and approval tools. With support for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Brightcove, and others, Inception is capable of delivering tailored text, image, and video content to multiple platforms at the click of a button, with optional approval and sign-off of content based on workflow rules.

Curation and Social Media Playlists
Inception provides the tools to curate inbound social media content, importing text and images into playlists for use in on-air graphics to scoreboards or in-stadium signage, websites, and any other application that you can dream up. Inception helps protect you from inappropriate content making it to air by providing a comprehensive and customizable set of blacklisted word filters that are applied against all inbound and outbound content.

Social Media Polling and User Engagement
Social media polling is a great way to engage your audience. Ask your audience a question and track the responses. Allow users to vote on the player of the game, and tie in specific sponsorships to increase revenue. More simply, sample the entire Twitterverse for the popularity of specific topics, keywords, and hash tags to discover trending topics or host popularity contests. Inception’s social media polling engine enables users to create a series of hash tag or keyword buckets with tallied results. These results can then be pulled into on-air graphics for real-time updates integrated right into your game day or live event production.

Connectivity and Accessibility

MOS Compatible
The MOS protocol is the industry standard method for connecting and communicating between broadcast devices and systems. Inception is a highly connected system with a robust MOS interface to enable communication between many first and third party devices. Create, populate, and proof sponsorship graphics from within the production planning and game day environment.

Designed for Apple iPad
Inception’s central concept is to be accessible anywhere, and that’s especially true with it’s tailored interface for the Apple iPad. Create script content, update or playout rundowns, or simply curate content from your tablet with a user experience designed specifically for the iPad. Keep abreast of changes to the script or go completely paperless with Inception’s tablet view capabilities.

Enterprise Grade

Blacklisted Word and Content Filters
The comprehensive pattern-based word filter validates both content produced by your team, as well as user-generated content ingested into the system. Using a customizable dictionary, content can be either flagged or hidden if it contains offensive words, with rules preventing inappropriate content from making it to air.

User Rights and Management
The advanced roles and permissions system provides you a high granularity of permission delegation throughout the system. Users in Inception can be delegated various roles, of which you can attach a wide number of read, edit, and approve permissions.

Unicode Compliant
Game day content can be created in any language, as Inception is a completely Unicode compliant platform that edits and stores content in any Unicode compliant language.

LDAP and ActiveDirectory*
Centralize the management of your users and roles by connecting Inception to your corporate LDAP or ActiveDirectory system. Target a specific subset of your directory with detailed filters, and once you attach permissions to LDAP groups inside of Inception, you’ll never have to manage users outside of your corporate directory again.
*This is an optional feature for Inception Live.