Signal Processing

Broadcast Audio Processor

Centralized radio and streaming audio processor for IP / AES67 networks

Combines Nielsen® Watermarking, Verance Aspect Watermarking, Dolby® Real-time Loudness Leveling, and Dolby Digital®/Dolby Digital Plus® Encoding on COTS hardware.

The Broadcast Audio Processor is your versatile playout watermarking solution based on softGear™ microservice architecture running on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.

The softGear Broadcast Audio Processor (BAP) is a multi-channel watermarking solution for television distribution. It provides real-time loudness levelling, Nielsen Watermarking, Verance Watermarking, and Dolby Encoding to meet today’s ATSC-1.0 and tomorrow’s ATSC-3.0 transmission needs. It is implemented with software microservices deployed through on-premise appliances with a future path to Cloud processing.
The BAP provides audio processing for 2 independent SDI video channels with up to 8 independent audio processing paths. This allows audio to be tailored to different distribution channels or geographies.
By utilizing Dolby Realtime Loudness Levelling (RTLL), the BAP tames your audio for the best audience experience while maintaining compliance with loudness legislation such as the CALM Act and EBU R128.
Nielsen Watermarking enables accurate audience measurement for program ratings, which is crucial for protecting advertising revenue. Verance Aspect provides for audio watermark capabilities which expands the reach of interactive and addressable services by enabling their use across all distribution paths. The BAP offers up to 8 independent Station IDs (SID and CSID) to be encoded for different distribution paths or regions. Customers can choose between Nielsen or Verance watermarking, or a combination of both at the same time for each Station ID.
Dolby Digital and Digital Plus Encoding is a requirement for many distribution channels. With the BAP, you can selectively choose encoding for stereo or surround audio groups and assign Dolby-encoded or PCM audio to any output channel for complete audio flexibility.
The BAP is ready for your broadcast needs of today and has the scalability to meet your needs of tomorrow, including support for ATSC 3.0.

  • All-in-one Solution– Provides all the necessary television audio processing in a single appliance for multiple program channels.
  • Based on softGear™ – Modern microservice technology allows for easy scaling, migration, and redundancy, giving ultimate flexibility in deployments.
  • Best-of-Breed Processing– Featuring solutions from Dolby® and Nielsen®.
  • Multiple Audio Workflows– A playout may require independent Dolby Digital®/Dolby Digital Plus® 5.1 and 2.0 workflows. BAP supports up to 8 concurrent audio processing paths with up to 32 audio channels.
  • Ready for ATSC 3.0– The system offers all processing microservices preparing your playout for your ATSC 3.0 application.
  • Intuitive Control and Monitoring– Made possible via Ross Video DashBoard.
  • Channel Density– Well-suited for centralized facilities with many integrated media processing chains. Consolidate racks of hardware into compact servers or the Cloud.
  • Backed by legendary Ross Support.
  • On-demand audio shuffling on input and output.
  • Dolby RTLL– Provides the best audience listening experience, bringing loudness to a consistent listening level across all content while meeting legislative requirements such as BS 1770, the CALM Act and EBU R 128.
  • Nielsen Watermarking– Enables accurate audience measurement for program ratings, which is crucial for protecting advertising revenue.
  • Verance Aspect Watermarking – A foundational component of ATSC 3.0, the next generation television standard.
  • Dolby Digital®/Dolby Digital Plus®– Encoding configurable to 2.0 and/or 5.1 processing modes.
  • Independent software bypass with fixed delay for RTLL®, Nielsen® Watermarking and Dolby® encoding.
  • Hardware relay bypass for all processing.

Many broadcasters face the challenge of managing the transmission of multiple channels. This occurs at the level of the local broadcaster or through the consolidation of network and station group operations (where tens or hundreds of channels may be distributed from a single facility). To maximize audience and revenue, broadcasters must also distribute content over multiple transmission paths, such as over-the-air (OTA), streaming (over-the-top, OTT), cable, and mobile, as well as re-broadcasting content to multiple geographic regions. These transmission paths continue to evolve due to changing standards and requirements.

Amid this complexity, there are several key processes that broadcasters need to perform to prepare the channel for distribution. These include:

  • Loudness Levelling– Ensures consistent listening level and compliance to loudness legislation (CALM Act, EBU R 128).
  • Watermarking– Inaudible signature, which enables audience measurement and program ratings.
  • Dolby Encoding– Many distribution channels require audio to be compressed and Dolby encoded.

Each distribution path imposes different criteria on how each of these processes is performed. Therefore, it is often a requirement to run multiple instances of these processes to satisfy the diverse distribution requirements. Furthermore, as business models evolve, broadcasters will be faced with new processing requirements which may leave traditional hardware-based solutions obsolete if they cannot be upgraded to new standards.

Ordering Code Description
Broadcast Audio Processor system
1RU server for softGear platform
Intel i350 connectivity card 1G
3G-SDI Interface
softGear platform license for 1-CPU servers
Dolby™ Realtime Loudness Levelling license
Nielsen™ Watermark TV Encoder license
Verance™ Aspect® Watermark TV Encoder license
Dolby Digital/Digital Plus Encoder license


All systems include a standard 1-year hardware warranty with software support.
Extended support and software maintenance options are available through RossCare+.


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