Media Asset Management Streamline Key Features

Key Features

Work Order Management
The detailed work order management system in Streamline permits you to request and prioritize graphic and video production for your organization. Graphics managers and artists benefit from a system to centralize their work load and plan their day around your production needs, with a simple user interface to submit completed assets and video with an approval workflow to allow your producers and directors to review all created content prior to going to air.

Asset Organization and Search
Assets in Streamline can be browsed visually, or by using the associated metadata. Depending on the specific user, metadata columns may be displayed or hidden based on individual user requirements. Thumbnails may be scaled larger to give the user the visual reference they need to find the right asset for their needs.

Powerful search tools and filters makes it fast for you to find assets based on metadata, types, formats, names, or tags, and quickly delve down to find the content you are looking for.

Capabilities Announced at NAB 2017

Version 3.2

  • Watch folders with implicit metadata
  • Custom metadata fields
  • Ability to import XMP metadata with customizable mapping
  • Instant messaging in Standard Edition
  • Embedded in the XPression MOS plugin
  • Automatic ingest and transcode into XPression codec for NRCS workflow with XPression Clips
  • Support for playout with XPression remote sequencer or OverDrive
  • Integration with AP/MGN graphics

Streamline Play

  • Increases efficiency in organizing and playing video for news production
  • Bridges the gap between an NRCS and a non-MOS video server
  • Ingests video from an editor via watchfolders. Users in an NRCS can add placeholders or browse existing video to add to a rundown. Videos are pushed to a video server like Abekas Mira
  • Sequencer receives the rundown from the NRCS and monitors for updates. It controls playout of the Mira and can also control playout of XPression
  • Includes the Streamline Play Edition MAM and Streamline Play Sequencer on a single server
  • The sequencer can be added to a full Streamline Standard Edition solution

Reporting and Analytics
Robust reporting tools in Streamline provide up-to-the-second data visualization of any metrics in the workflow process. Insights can be used to better allocate resources to the areas of greatest overall benefit to the organization. Streamline reporting provides monitoring of details like order types, deadlines, ordering trends, most ordered asset types, cycle times and more. Workflow metrics can be visualized as bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, scatter charts and also exported for use in other data analysis tools.

Extensive Metadata Tagging and Proxy
Adding metadata to assets in Streamline is executed using free-form text entry fields, pull-down lists or predictive text entry fields. The metadata types dictate the input format used. Administrators at each facility can define the lists of choices for certain key metadata input fields to establish the consistency desired in the system. Ordering new assets is done using a minimal number of input fields to expedite the request process.

Upon ingest, video assets will be automatically processed with the build-in proxy generator, as well as generating a thumbnail to be attached to the video metadata and available for preview directly inside of the Streamline interface.

Drag and Drop Operations
Streamline was designed from the start to simplify the asset retrieval and on-air workflows for media organizations. With seamless integration with the Ross XPression graphics plugin, Streamline provides straight forward drag and drop of any asset into an XPression graphic template to quickly build production quality graphics. Now, anyone in your newsroom can create the specific graphics for your production from a pre-approved collection of assets and graphics templates.

Asset Lifecycle Management
The media asset manager controls your assets. This functionality provides a managed interface to ingest, search, update, and retrieve assets. Streamline provides a complete asset lifecycle management workflow, permitting users to link assets against story content in a newsroom to trigger an asset transfer, or simply initiate a transfer of an asset to a server, production switcher, or any target device at the click of a button. After a specified period of time, Streamline also takes care of removing any unused assets from those devices and completely manages the lifecycle of an asset transfer.

MOS Enabled
Browse and link assets directly from your newsroom with MOS connectivity and a MOS plugin. Browse and link assets to a story via a simple drag and drop interface, and Streamline will take care of transferring the assets to any selected destinations upon making the running order MOS active.

Streamline will also update users on the status of asset transfers by piping status back directly into the news grid.

Placeholder Support
No asset, no problem! Streamline provides native support for placeholder creation and fulfillment. When submitting a work order request, a placeholder asset will automatically be created, and that asset can be linked against either a story or a graphic template. Once the asset is completed and approved, Streamline will automatically fulfill the asset into the appropriate graphical template or push the asset to the necessary server or target.

Unicode Compliant
You can create editorial content in many languages. Streamline is a completely unicode compliant platform that can edit and store content in any unicode compliant language.

User Rights and Management
Advanced roles and permissions implementation provides a high granularity of permission delegation throughout the system. Users can be delegated various roles, of which you can attach a wide number of read, edit, or approval permissions.

LDAP and ActiveDirectory*
Centralize the management of your users and roles by linking Streamline to your corporate LDAP or ActiveDirectory system. Detailed filters permit you to target a specific subset of your directory, and when you attach permissions to LDAP groups inside of Streamline, you’ll never have to manage users outside of your corporate directory again.
Optional feature for all editions of Streamline.