Media Asset Management Streamline Partners and Devices

Partners and Devices

The Streamline media asset management platform integrates tightly with other Ross products to provide you more production power, flexibility, and a better user experience. In addition, the open architecture of Streamline and trusted partnerships with third party partners opens up even more possibilities. Streamline allows you to choose from a growing list of manufacturers and devices to complete your production workflows

XPression – Real-Time Motion Graphics

There is virtually no graphics task that XPression solutions cannot handle for you. With multiple hardware platforms, software applications, and workflow tools, along with connectivity to many other products, XPression fits into almost any environment you can imagine.

XPression delivers complete solutions that are comprised of multiple components for many of your applications including: news, elections, sports, entertainment, branding, touchscreen, social media, virtual sets, and augmented reality.

XPression workflow tools provide the necessary connectivity for local and enterprise-level systems. They handle graphics creation, content editing, media management, publishing, control, data handling, automation, and more.

Streamline provides a deep integration with XPression, supporting a native drag and drop interface directly into the XPression plugin, allowing users to directly populate graphic templates with approved assets, or link work order placeholders to graphic templates for future fulfillment.

Inception – Newsroom Computer System

Inception is a solution for the creation of multi-platform content, and comes complete with all of the tools you need. Newsroom staffs are able to quickly learn to navigate through the user-friendly, colorful, ergonomic interface and create content for Broadcast, the Web and Social Media in no time – all managed simultaneously.

Inception caters to the modern newsroom and its needs. Inception enables production teams to collaborate with digital media and web groups to create compelling content that can be distributed seamlessly across multiple platforms. For your broadcast productions, connectivity for graphics, video servers, asset management, automated production control systems and more are available from Ross Video and third parties, providing streamlined production workflows.

Inception and Streamline work seamlessly together, with an HTML plugin permitting users to open the Streamline user interface directly within the newsroom environment. The integrated single sign on will automatically log users in between systems. Reporters can drag and drop video and stills from the Streamline media browser and link them against story content in the newsroom. When a story is ready to air, Inception will instruct Streamline via its MOS interface to move all of the assets where they are needed for that particular show, taking the burden of asset lifecycle management entirely out of the hands of the director and production staff. Drag and drop workflows ensure that you never have to type in a clip name, simplify your workflows, and eliminate mistakes.

OverDrive – Automated Production Control

OverDrive is the most advanced automated production control system on the planet. OverDrive takes the complex and simplifies it, putting your entire production on an easy to use touch screen interface. OverDrive technology enables even the most sophisticated productions to be executed more cleanly and consistently, while delivering substantial savings in operational costs. Whether you produce live content for the web, your congregation, a stadium full of sports fanatics, local or even the highest level national news, OverDrive will make your productions stand out above the rest.

OverDrive is a highly flexible production control system that enables touch screen control over the devices used in a production environment. OverDrive integrates with production switchers, leveraging their powerful control interfaces over video servers, VTRs, DDRs, audio mixers, robotic cameras, routers, still stores and more.

When OverDrive and Streamline are combined, the result is a powerful asset distribution and playout platform. The OverDrive integration involves reading video server clip information directly from MOS objects in Streamline, and after Streamline has moved the assets to their target destinations, OverDrive can seamlessly drive playout of assets on those devices as part of the production workflow. The combined solution enables time saving and highly efficient workflows for managing your productions from end to end.

MC1 – Master Control

The MC1 is a very affordable, dedicated master control solution built to meet the demands of 24/7 operation. MC-1 is a card-based system that provides complete program path protection using input bypass relays, protecting your channel output. The hot-swap system allows a single spare MC1-MK card to replace any on-air channel card, and have all of the channel’s parameters automatically recalled to the replacement MC1-MK card.

Intuitive DashBoard operation brings users up to speed quickly. Simple scaling is achieved with additional openGear® cards to add an additional channel, or add a variety of additional functions such as Loudness Processing and Dolby™ Encoding.

When interfaced with Streamline, our MC1 Master Control solution can be targeted as an endpoint for asset distribution, allowing you to dynamically move graphics into the internal still store device for playout as part of a rundown, and clean up the device once they expire in the asset management system.

Acuity – Production Switcher

Acuity provides the powerful core for a wide range of live production environments as an innovative large production switcher platform designed to meet future needs. It delivers fast, efficient and error-free production, in an ergonomically perfect and stunningly beautiful package. What sets an Acuity solution apart is an unprecedented level of connectivity combined with a range of operational flexibility that makes it the perfect fit for various production requirements. 

Acuity enables operational control to be customized and is a true interconnected communications hub for the entire production. Acuity makes it personal, allowing you to arrange things the way you want them. Independently map inputs to any button in any order on any ME. Set up individual source mnemonic names, font sizes and colors. Use the Acuity RGB buttons to design your own color scheme, background panel glow and on-air indicators to fit the way you work. Choose from a selection of system control display themes.

In a modern production environment, no product should be an island. To ensure efficient workflow, flexible operations, seamless interoperability and multiple points of control, all system components must be able to communicate with one another. Acuity offers the industry’s largest library of third-party control protocols in addition to integrating seamlessly with the full range of Ross Video production systems.

Acuity and Streamline are a powerful combination, with Streamline able to move both graphic stills and animations directly into the internal storage of the Acuity and manage the entire lifecycle of assets on the device. Source images via the Streamline interface and link them directly to a news story in the NRCS. When the rundown is monitored, Streamline will identify assets targeted to go to the Acuity internal stores and transfer them to the switcher in time for the production. After the production has concluded, Streamline will clean up the switcher storage, removing any assets as they are no longer needed to keep your internal stores free of clutter.

Carbonite – Production Switcher

Carbonite uses the absolute latest technology to pack unprecedented production power into a super compact frame. The Ross Multi-Definition Production Engine offers the same pristine processing used on other Ross switchers, but precisely tuned for this platform, while the Carbonite control panels offer the capabilities of a much larger switcher.

All models of Carbonite feature a breadth of capabilities that make these switchers unique in their class. Contributing to the power and ease of use of Carbonite are attributes such as true next transition style operation and the effortless ability to perform full previews on any keyer. Ross dedicates a great deal of effort in ensuring that you are enabled with a significant level of operational control. Of primary concern when designing Carbonite was its ease of use. Starting with the use of large, back lit buttons and Panel Glow for increased operator accuracy, through to the placement of frequently used buttons, Carbonite provides intuitive panel ergonomics and production efficiencies.

Like the Acuity series, Streamline is able to manage and move content directly into the internal stores of the Carbonite directly from the asset management interface. When linked to a news story in the newsroom computer system, Streamline will identify and push assets destined for the Carbonite to the switcher for a specific production, cleaning up the assets once the production has finished and the assets are no longer required. This workflow eliminates a lot of manual copying and allows you to easily leverage the internal storage and capabilities of your production switcher in a far more dynamic environment than has traditionally been possible.