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Executive Summary

The Ultriscape MultiViewer is designed as a high quality, simple to use system that meets a multitude of applications.

See the Difference

  • Delivers the highest picture quality in the industry for the most demanding of applications
  • Supports 12Gb/s SDI inputs for UHD single link connectivity
  • Provides the lowest latency policy possible across all displays
  • Displays audio meters, multiple Picture-in-Picture elements, UMD/Labels, Tally indicators, and adjustable borders

Make it Easy

  • Ensures that each MultiViewer output is completely independent, and has access to every input in the frame with no restrictions- with ALL I/O available to ALL MultiViewer heads ALL the time!
  • Offers support for a variety of outputs including HD-BNC, Fiber, or even HDMI to match various MultiViewer output needs
  • Enables building of completely customizable layouts including a variety of Picture-in-Picture elements
  • Manages an array of layouts and PiP styles
  • Provides selection and activation of layouts, as well as modification of PiP behaviors on individual MultiViewer outputs

Manage the Look

  • Provides software enabled capability to add MultiViewer outputs as they are needed, up to 6 in a 1RU, 12 in a 2RU chassis, simply by purchasing a license
  • Offers control and configuration via DashBoard
  • Enables loading, saving, and deleting of layout files
  • Includes a variety of commonly used layout templates

The Ultriscape software enabled, integrated MultiViewer is a revolutionary product built within the Ultrix platform. It is the world’s first software enabled MultiViewer inside a multi-use processing platform, and is also the first MultiViewer that can support single link 12Gb/s signals.