Ross Video Introduces New Solutions for Image Acquisition and Keying at IBC 2016

Thursday, September 8th, 2016 [Amsterdam, the Netherlands] – Ross Video introduces PIVOTCam-20, their new budget sensitive robotic all-in-one camera system at IBC 2016. The PIVOTCam-20 PTZF camera system brings stellar image capture and repeatable, silent camera moves at a remarkably low price.

Based on the latest CMOS image sensor technology, the PIVOTCam-20 incorporates high quality Olympus 20x zoom optics with fast, silent and accurate robotics to offer high performance and accuracy in a wide range of lighting conditions.

The PIVOTCam-20 has incredibly low signal to noise at 74dB, and can resolve spectacular images in very low lighting conditions. It’s the perfect companion for Broadcast POV, Education, Corporate, Event, House of Worship production, and especially for Ross assembly production control systems.

This camera provides full 1080P HD and includes 128 preset settings with full control over Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus. Even better, everything is fully controlled via Ross’ vison mixers, as well via their DashBoard control platform.

PIVOTCam provides truly affordable, high performance image capture. A production system that combines the Carbonite Black Solo vision mixer, 3 PIVOTCam cameras, and XPression still graphics, is available at an amazing affordable price. PIVOTCam offers ground- breaking value and performance for all sorts of applications.


PIVOTCam can be combined with ACID Cameras, Robotics, Vision Mixers, Graphics Systems and more from Ross to meet the needs of the most challenging production, both reliably and cost effectively.

Introduced at NAB and now at IBC for the first time, the ACID camera systems were designed by Ross to enhance and improve the creative control of the production look, with emphasis on virtual environments. These cameras provide the very best image compositing from chroma key sets and capture astonishing images in any studio environment.


ACID cameras include a unique new signal format developed by Ross to overcome the difficulties of creating really good chroma keys. These cameras output standard SMPTE 4:2:2 video signals for use in any production, but in addition output a special 0:4:4 full bandwidth color signal that is combined with the primary output within the new Carbonite UltrachromeHR system to generate a full resolution 4:4:4 signal – perfect for developing high resolution key edges.

The ACID H200 has the highest resolution and performance specification of any 1080P camera system from any manufacturer, regardless of pedigree.

The H200 also includes High Dynamic Range (HDR) PQ, ST2084 and HLG600/1200 formats. HLG used in combination with 4:4:4 chroma keying produces stunning results when brought together in the new UltrachromeHR chroma key system. HLG formats are also compatible with standard displays and can significantly enhance standard HD production, particularly in challenging lighting conditions.

The Z50 is a moderately priced performer for slightly less demanding application, and fits well into mid-range production environments. It teams up perfectly with Ross’ robotic camera systems for higher end assembly production control systems, education, corporate, and House of Worship applications.

Ross now offers a complete video production solution from capture to final output. ACID Cameras not only permit users to produce spectacular video images in normal studio production, but turn virtual production into compelling virtual reality.

Like all Ross products, ACID cameras embrace control with DashBoard. All camera operations, setup, and shading can be performed from within DashBoard panels. This even includes the transfer and recall of scene files from one ACID camera to another.

To optimize the use of ACID cameras, Carbonite UltrachromeHR is a multichannel chroma key processor designed to meet the challenging key requirements of multi-camera virtual environments. This stand-alone chroma keyer is based on the Carbonite Black processing platform.

Carbonite UltrachromeHR incorporates patented and patent pending signal processing technology designed to generate high-resolution key edges from chroma channels information.

While this new chroma keyer produces spectacular results from standard HD-SDI video inputs, the subtle refinements of key edges can be greatly improved when used in combination with the Ross ACID camera systems. Carbonite UltrachromeHR accepts the special full resolution chroma signals from ACID, and internally combines it with the standard video input to produce high-resolution key edges that are simply not possible from standard video input.

Carbonite UltrachromeHR includes up to four high-resolution chroma keyers, each with full control of delay management, fill color temperature for scene matching, foreground key and fill, internal storage for animated graphics for bugs, and much more.


Carbonite UltrachromeHR, combined with Ross ACID camera systems, Ross Robotics, Ross Infrastructure, Ross XPression Motion Graphics and Ross Virtual Solutions tracking and management, provides complete turnkey solutions from a single supplier delivering unprecedented quality and performance.

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