Newsroom Computer Systems

Inception News

Inception News NRCS allows production teams to collaborate with digital media and web groups to create compelling content that can be distributed seamlessly across multiple platforms


EZNews is a highly intuitive, powerful newsroom computer system with production automation capabilities for multi-media production.

About Inception News

Drawing on Ross’s experience in Video production, Inception is built to be easy to use and effectively create broadcast and multi-platform content. With tight integration to many platforms, including Ross OverDrive and Xpression, Inception has all of the tools to allow integration of existing technology into your News production.

About EZnews

EZNews is an intuitive, powerful & cost effective newsroom computer system (NRCS) for multi-media news production and automation, designed to improve your workflow and free you up to focus more on the most important part of your job – reporting & creating compelling content for your viewers.