Newsroom Computer Systems Inception News FAQ


➔ What does browser-based mean?

➔ Where do we create our stories?

➔ Can I create my own view of the rundown?

➔ Is there an easy way to take a broadcast story and make it a social media post?

➔ I’m used to seeing a particular type of column. Does it exist in Inception?

➔ Is there an app for Inception?

➔ Can you post to social media from Inception?

➔ What can you do with ingested social media content?

➔ Do you support news wires?

➔ What about video servers or graphics system?

➔ What social media platforms does Inception support?

➔ Does Inception Social support CMS integration?

➔ How many social media accounts can we connect in Inception?

➔ How many users can we create?

➔ Do all users have the same access to social media accounts?

➔ How will a social media post published through Inception appear to our followers?

➔ Can you post to multiple accounts?

➔ What about ingesting social media videos?

➔ Can you help us filter against inappropriate language?