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Horizon Enterprise Connector

Horizon is an interconnection system that allows users to explore, search, and reuse content from other Inception systems throughout their network without ever leaving their home environment. Designed to connect and integrate multiple Inception systems into one comprehensive network, users are no longer constrained to sharing a workload amongst a single newsroom. Instead, multiple Inception systems from anywhere in the world can be linked to share, copy, search, and discover content, a great addition for station groups and other applications.

Horizon is fully rights managed, permitting content to be shared or excluded based on the origin and destination locations and their affiliations. Users can discover assignment information, planning notes, social media, Web stories and traditional broadcast rundowns and stories. Horizon makes repurposing content from across networks fast and easy. It’s as simple as drag and drop and supports MOS redirection.

Horizon Screenshot

Currently, Horizon is used to connect multiple Inception systems, but in the future, it will also connect multiple Streamline sites, allowing for content sharing and collaboration across physical facilities and systems.