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What is New?

Version 11 of Inception focuses on workflow enhancement features and new integrations.

Hard Hit Times
Specify hard-hit times for breaks and/or stories by overriding the back time column of the running order.

Story Versioning
Look back and see previous changes to broadcast stories and revert to an older version.

MOS Channel Override
Specify the MOS channel for running orders and MOS Objects directly inside Inception without the need to open a third party plugin.

Folders Permissions
Set visibility and edit permissions for folders.

Production Cue Folders
Organize production cues into folders each with separate hotkeys.

Additional Wire Service Support
Bring your Reuters and AFP news wires into Inception.

Inception Discovery
Available for purchase as an addition to Inception News, Inception Discovery will enhance searches across social and wires services with intuitive search terms, alerts and sharing.

MOS Studio
Added the ability for VSN Explorer and other 3rd party integrations to target specific MOS studios.

Device Integrations
Crispin devices are now certified for use with Inception. Support for Bitcentral devices has been improved.

View the Version 11 Introduction webinar here.