BACH Virtual Sound Card Development Platform

BACH Virtual Sound Card Development Platform

ST2110 AES67 Virtual Sound Card

Standards-compliant AES67 & ST2110 audio on COTS Linux computing.

Product Development Kit (PDK)
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The BACH Virtual Sound Card Development Platform is a Linux-based software development kit (SDK) that enables your audio applications to connect with ease to AES67 and SMPTE ST2110 audio senders and receivers using Dante/SAP, RAVENNA, EmBER+ and NMOS open control protocols. Integrate your audio processing applications to BACH VSC’s high performance shared memory audio buffer, with access to 32 low latency, bi-directional streams of AES67 & ST2110-30.

System Requirements Quad Core, 2 GHz, Intel Processor
Intel i210 or i350 Ethernet Controller with Gbit Ethernet Interfaces
8Gbyte RAM
Ubuntu 16.04.4
Network Transport AES67 and ST2110-30/31
PTP Synchronization AES67 and SMPTE ST 2059 Profiles
Max. Channels per Direction 256
Streams per Direction 32
Channels per Stream 1 to 16
Sample Rate 44.1/88.2kHz and 48/96kHz
Audio Encoding L16, L24, L32 transparent encoding
Glitchless Redundancy per ST2022-7
Packet Time / Latency 125μs or 1ms
Audio I/F Shared Memory TX and RX Buffers
Discovery & Registration Dante/SAP, RAVENNA, NMOS IS-04
Connection Control JSON API, NMOS IS-05
Telemetry & Configuration JSON API
Customization Linux Software Development Kit including Example Application

The BACH Virtual Sound Card Product Development Kit (PDK) provides a turn key system for evaluating and integrating the BACH Virtual Sound Card with your own applications.

The BACH Virtual Sound Card PDK features high performance COTS hardware and pre-installed BACH Virtual Sound Card libraries and development tools.  Out of the box it includes a loopback application, so you can immediately test its Audio-over-IP functionality with compatible AES67 products including the BACH Virtuoso PDK.

BACH Virtual Sound Card PDK includes:

  • Dell Poweredge R330 Series Rackmount Server
  • Intel i350 Ethernet Controller with Gbit Ethernet Interfaces
  • Quad Core Intel Processor
  • 8Gbyte RAM
  • Ubuntu 16.0.4

For a full development system, consider acquiring a BACH Virtuoso PDK, which includes analog inputs and outputs for audio injection and monitoring.

COV-BACH-LVSC-PDK Dell R330 1 RU Server, Intel i350 GE NIC, 8GB- BACH Linux Virtual Sound Card Libraries and Development Tools
Demo Available – Contact oemsales@rossvideo.com for details.

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