Software Defined Production
Webinar Hosted by Ross Video

Software Defined Production

for Forward-Thinking IP, SDI, and Hybrid Workflows

Broadcast is undergoing a massive transformation with new and more aggressive forms of competition, convergence, and delivery models. Success in this environment comes down to adaptability, scalability, and agility – essentially doing more with less. These same goals are driving the discussion and adoption of IP, but is IP the only or best way to achieve your business objectives? As webinar participants will hear, Software Defined Production (SDP) is Smart Production – adaptable, scalable, and agile – using the transport choice that is most appropriate for your project. By moving away from single-function devices that mostly sit idle, toward a pool of flexible resources that will meet your production needs on-demand, you will be able to do more with less.

Join us for this webinar hosted by Ross Video about “Software Defined Production for Forward-Thinking IP, SDI, and Hybrid Workflows”.

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Thursday November 30, 2017 11am EST

Todd Riggs, Business Development Manager Infrastructure, Ross Video
+ 1 (613) 228-0688
62 Auriga Drive, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K2E 1B8