Production Switchers Acuity Applications


Tens of thousands of users push Ross switchers hard in a wide variety of applications on a daily basis. Over the years, our engineers have incorporated feedback from our diverse group of users, resulting in a capable, comprehensive and reliable feature set. Whatever your creation, you know Acuity will give you the tools to execute a beautiful, crisp, clean production.

Broadcast News

Ross Production Switchers are widely deployed in broadcast news environments. Covering the range from small, to mid and top market newscasts and 24 hour news channels, the Acuity Series is designed to have the scalability, flexibility and production power to meet the needs of getting a clean, great looking, newscast on the air.

Broadcast Sports

Acuity offers the advanced feature set required to produce high resolution sportscasts with fast-paced highlight packages, an intensive graphics look and stunning transition effects that will make your sports programming come alive and rivet viewers to their seats.

Broadcast Productions

Acuity has a great feature set to support a wide range of television productions. A choice of tools like RGB color correctors, built-in media stores and high quality DVE effects offer creative possibilities to give your production that extra edge. Acuity’s AuxKey™ “Mini-MEs” make it easy to put content into on-screen monitors while keeping your MEs free for production use.

Broadcast Mobile

Acuity makes a great mobile truck / OB van production switcher. The combination of production power and compact rack frame are ideal for mobile applications.

Sports Stadium

Ross is the top supplier of production switchers for sports stadiums. Hey, our CEO has been known to switch a Buffalo Bills game now and then. We know this application well and have a number of exclusive options in Acuity such as AuxKeys™, Daktronics interfacing, and Christie Vista Spyder control. Our ME architecture lends itself well to managing multi-screen productions and on-the-fly board changes from single to dual to triple screen visuals.

Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship have special requirements for their video production environment. Switchers must be powerful, easy-to-use and handle multiscreen and multi-feed productions.


Ross production switchers have always been popular with educators. Their ease of use enable students to quickly grasp basic switcher concepts while the industry standard, next transition style control means that training on a Ross switcher makes it easy to operate even competitive models. Ross offers a unique program, “Ross University”, allowing educators to provide training and certification to their students on Ross production equipment. This certification is a great asset on a student’s resume, and helps secure that important first industry job out of school.

Multi-Platform Production

Media organizations need serious tools to pull their productions together quickly with a high quality look and feel across all types of platforms. Being able to produce live hits from a studio complete with graphics and effects can save hours of precious time in editing for content being pushed out on Internet and mobile platforms. No matter what the final destination, you’ll appreciate the added value that Acuity can provide.

Live Event / Multi-screen Production

Top name acts take Ross production switchers on the road with them. Acuity gives their shows extra punch and has the unique ability to drive effects and fly images across multiple screens. Acuity’s powerful device control capability allows you to run a wide range of gear, like servers and graphics devices, creating a compelling show in which you never miss a beat. The Acuity 4RU chassis with 60 inputs and 6.5 MEs offers extreme production power, while taking up less space wherever you go.

When you need to simultaneously manage what is being presented on monitors in environments such as studios, Acuity is a breath of fresh air. You get superb production values combined with minimal video delay for a tight match to the live performance. With the adoption of AuxKeys™, you can produce up to 15 displays without tying up any of Acuity’s floating ME resources. All of this is controlled from Acuity’s industry-standard production switcher control panels.

Digital Cinemacasting

As film and video continue to converge, live production comes to the big screen with Digital Cinema. With 24 frame support, Acuity makes a great solution for this type of production.

Automated Production

Acuity offers a complete range of device interfaces to put more control in the hands of the technical director. Our ground-breaking OverDrive Automated Production Control System puts all of your production devices into a simple and intuitive touch screen interface. Running the production is as simple as stepping through a series of predefined looks including camera shots, graphics, video clips, video effects and audio.