Production Switchers Acuity Key Features

Key Features

Modern design
Acuity’s proven feature set is built on decades of production switcher development with mature and well-liked operation, but this is merely the foundation for the latest platform. Acuity’s processing engines take advantage of the latest generation FPGA technology, and so can offer significant room for expanded capabilities in the future. The modern design of Acuity enables additional innovative new features to be integrated into the system.

Capabilities Announced at NAB 2017

Acuity Remote Panel Soft Panel

  • Full setup and operation from a graphical web user interface providing full access to the switcher just like a real panel
  • Server based panel that is controlled from a Chrome Web Browser
  • Cost and space of a physical panel is no longer required in automated environments such as when being deployed with OverDrive Automated Production Systems


  • Used for live to tape productions and quick turnaround editing
  • Acuity tracks source selections and creates a timecode locked edit decision list
  • Export as a file and imported to a non-linear editing system along with camera iso-recordings, recreating the line cut in the NLE

Production engines
Two completely new production engines implemented in 4RU and 8RU frames, enable Acuity to eliminate I/O limitations and add new levels of internal processing power and signal-management capability. SD, HD, 3G and 4K production are all easy to achieve within these two processing engines.

Included as standard with all Acuity configurations are the innovative and patented Ross Video AuxKeys™ to manage productions that require multiple produced outputs, as well as a full half (.5) ME with 2 or 4 keyers and program/preset bus. (not available with 8 full ME’s)

Acuity 4 RU (fully optioned)
The 4RU frame packs massive power and I/O into a small space, making it perfect for trucks and other environments where space is limited.

  • 60 inputs, 40 outputs
  • 6.5 MEs (A half ME is included as standard on all ME configurations)
  • MultiFeed™ in all MEs, 8 fully configurable outputs
  • Split ME function for all MEs, allowing 12 full 4 Key MEs
  • 8 keys per ME, 4 keys on a .5 ME (59 in total)
  • 10 AuxKey/AuxMix (up to 10 additional keys)
  • 20 input Dual Head MultiViewers (in empty ME slots)
  • 20 source input MultiViewers with optional MultiProcessing input cards
  • 96 2D DVE Resizers
  • 12 3D DVEs

Acuity 8 RU (fully optioned)
The 8 RU frame delivers room for more MEs, MultiViewers, and I/O, making it the perfect choice for large production systems in enterprise environments.

  • 120 inputs, 60 outputs
  • 8 MEs (A half ME is included as standard on all ME configurations up to 7.5 ME’s)
  • MultiFeed™ in all MEs, 8 fully configurable outputs
  • Split ME function for all MEs, allowing 16 full 4 Key MEs
  • 8 keys per ME, 4 keys on a .5 ME (80 in total)
  • 15 AuxKey/AuxMix (up to 15 additional keys)
  • 20 input Dual Head MultiViewers (in empty ME slots)
  • 20 source input MultiViewers with optional MultiProcessing input cards
  • 128 2D DVE Resizers
  • 16 3D DVEs with Warp

IP Solution
Acuity IP Input and Output IO cards for the full series of Acuity Production Switchers. Two all new expansion boards that leverage the modular design approach of the Acuity series offering scalable upgrades without forklift replacement. These new IO boards are able to be loaded into either the compact 4RU series or 8RU series processing engines.

The Input variant is a 21 source with IP and SDI interfaces. Any of the 21 sources can be selected from either the IP streams from the 6 10G SFP Ethernet Modules or from the SDI connections. Any Combination of IP or SDI can be selected from within the Magnum Control System. An additional 6 10G SFP Modules are present for full IP redundant switch fabric connections. This allows the implementation of the dual switch fabric cores for full redundant delivery paths.

To compliment the Input Module is the 20 IP and SDI simultaneous Output version. With the Output Module there are again 6 Primary and 6 Redundant 10G IP Ethernet SFPs to interconnect with the Evertz IP Fabric. In addition to the 20 streams back to the IP based router are 20 duplicate SDI outputs. These outputs are mapped in the switcher like the standard SDI Output Module however they feed simultaneously to the IP encapsulation hardware and the SDI output hardware.

12G MultiProcessing Input Modules
The Acuity 12G MultiProcessing Input Module is a 20-input card that adds single-link 12G connectivity (on every fourth input) and provides independent input signal management functions. This new module features:

  • RGB Colour Correction with SDR to HDR Conversion
  • YUV Proc Amps
  • 1080P Level B to Level A Conversion
  • Frame Synchronizers with Format Conversion
  • Dedicated MultiViewer for all 20 inputs
  • UHD Interconnect Conversion (Quad Square Division to 2SI)

The Acuity series 4RU engine can accept up to 3 of these modules, while the larger 8RU frame is able to accept 6 input. All Acuity switchers are field upgradable, thanks to a modular I/O design.  Both the standard input board and the new MultiProcessing input board can be installed simultaneously allowing you to expand or upgrade at any time.

Panel design 
Acuity’s panel layout, with every button falling within perfect reach and all functions directly accessible at the press of a single button, is an operators dream come true. Additionally, button spacing has been carefully crafted to ensure accidental button presses are effectively eliminated.

There are six different panels to choose from:

  • A1M: 1 ME with 24 crosspoint buttons
  • A2M: 2 ME with 24 crosspoint buttons
  • A2X: 2 ME with 32 crosspoint buttons
  • A3M: 3 ME with 24 crosspoint buttons
  • A3: 3 ME with 32 crosspoint buttons
  • A4: 4 ME with 40 crosspoint buttons

Panel Glow and full-color RGB mnemonic displays
Ross Video’s patented Panel Glow ensures every row and input can be easily color coded for instant identification, giving operators confidence that a desired source can be accurately and quickly located in the fast paced, rapidly changing production environment.

To make it even easier to swiftly identify sources and custom controls, Acuity has beautiful full color, high-contrast RGB mnemonic displays.

Double Down
There are versions of the larger Acuity panels that provide double rows of Key and Aux selection buttons for super fast operations in complex productions.

Touch screen
Acuity’s Dual Display menu and touch-screen system share the same stunning design and ease of operation. The touchscreen boasts an all-new 16:9 display, and has touch and on-panel menu controls that deliver greatly enhanced ease of use and operational speed. The Dual Display provides two simultaneous menus to ensure the control you need is always available.

Futuristic fader
Ross Video’s legendary guaranteed-for-life fader has been completely redesigned for Acuity, providing the perfect ‘feel’ and a fantastic look that compliments a stunning panel design that’s fit for the future.

MultiFeed™: Each ME has 8 configurable outputs
Select any combination of keys on any of the 6 program and 2 preview outputs as well as choose alternative background sources. Perfect for getting exactly the right graphics and branding on the right output – or – Combing two Acuity MEs to create a UHD ME with 4 full keyers.

  • Separately brand any ME output, selectively preview keys and backgounds.
  • Create multiple ME outputs for multichannel productions, on-set displays and clean feed ISO recording.
  • Perfect in enterprise production systems.
  • Create full UHD (4K) MEs with just 2 3G HD MEs.
  • No other production switcher offers this level of flexibility.

Split ME: Each ME can be split with independant control
The Powerful MutliFeed feature also allows each ME to be operated as 2 MEs with configurable keys and background sources, effectively doubling the overal ME count.

  • Each ME transition area can independantly control A, B or Both sections of the split ME .
  • A and B ME sections have independant pattern generators and transition rates.
  • Independant Memory and CC controls for A and B sections.
  • Each ME secition can include any key combination up to a maximum of 8 keys (16 DVEs).
  • Up to 16 fully controlled 4 Key MEs in a single 8RU frame, unmatched by any other switcher.

AuxKeys™: Add mixing and keying capabilities to Aux Bus outputs
Unique to Ross Video’s large production switchers, AuxKeys are invaluable for any production that requires multiple produced outputs.

  • Brand any output, overlay titles and mix between sources on an aux output.
  • Feed the result to external monitors or send it back into the switcher to further increase Acuity’s production power.
  • Perfect for on-set or multi-screen production.
  • Does not use any standard ME resources.
  • No other production switcher delivers this powerful capability.

DVE key combiners: The ability to compose ‘box shots’ using multiple DVEs
Acuity delivers a level of production resource in a single ME not available in any other switcher on the market today.

  • Unique DVE key combiners enable two DVE ‘boxes’ to be composited in a single ME keyer.
  • Each Acuity ME includes 16 2D DVE/resizers as standard, making it simple to compose a 10-box shot on a single ME while still having keyers available for graphics and branding.
  • Four channels (2 with key and fill) of 3D DVEs with curvilinear effects can be added to each ME in addition to existing 2Ds.

Custom Control Macros: An unprecedented level of creative control for any production
Custom Controls can be used to create programmed events that not only have all the power of timelines, but also deliver more features and more efficiency.

  • Create, edit, copy, and recreate programmed events (timelines) two to four times faster, and add superior event-management capabilities.
  • Perform complex switcher events and effects.
  • Control a myriad of external devices.
  • Leverage an unparalleled library of third-party device protocols and interfaces.

DashBoard PanelBuilder™
Dashboard is an open platform for facility control and monitoring from Ross. PanelBuilder is a DashBoard tool that provides a powerful framework to intelligently integrate multiple devices from Ross Video and a variety of other suppliers. DashBoard Connect devices, openGear cards, CamBot robotic camera systems, XPression graphics systems, BlackStorm video players, and production switchers including Carbonite, Vision and Acuity, can be presented as custom control panels. This enables users to manage complex workflows and integrate control of multiple devices into logically laid out and easy to use control panels.