Production Switchers Acuity Modular I/O Cards

Modular I/O Cards

Acuity engines are built with a modular input and output matrix, to easily swap-in unique I/O cards that build upon the Acuity feature set. All of these cards are compatible with each other on a single chassis and allow you to customize your Acuity switcher to serve as a hybrid-IP switcher, a signal-processing hub, or a 12G-capable UHD switcher.

12G MultiProcessing Module

The Acuity 12G MultiProcessing Input Module is the definitive choice for a 12G SDI single-link facility. In addition to the reduced cabling that 12G provides in 4K/UHD productions, this module provides several benefits during an HD-to-UHD migration:

Complete Video Processing on Every Input
Every connector on the input module has dedicated processing amplifiers and colour correctors, guaranteeing a consistent look amongst sources and freeing up the internal switcher resources.

Handle Untimed Signals and Varied Formats
Independent resources on each card ensure non-broadcast devices, external feeds, and lower-end equipment will match the system timing and video format of your production.

Legacy 1080P Level B Devices Supported
Older 1080P devices use a different 3G SDI rate (Level B) than modern-day equipment (Level A). The Acuity 12G MultiProcessing Input Module ensures all 1080P 3G signals are compatible with your production.

Incorporate SD & HD Equipment into UHD Productions
In mixed signal environments, the 12G MultiProcessing Input Module can convert SD/720p/1080i signals to 1080p, which the Acuity switcher can then internally convert to UHD.

Leverage SDR Sources in HDR Productions
Every input supports HDR conversion, SDR sources can be mapped to the same profile as HDR sources for a simple processing path in HDR productions.

Easily Convert Differing UHD Interconnect Methods
In Quad Link UHD mode, Acuity operates via the 2SI UHD Interconnect method. For legacy equipment that only operates in QSD (Quad Square Division), the Acuity 12G MultiProcessing input module can convert QSD inputs to 2SI format for use in your production.

No Additional Monitoring Required
Every input module is built with a 20 input MultiViewer that can be sent to any output in the system, or be included in other video processor based MultiViewers.

Learn more about the 12G MultiProcessing Input Module Features and Capabilities or how the 12G MultiProcessing I/O Cards simplify UHD productions with Acuity.

IP Cards

Acuity IP Input and Output cards introduce IP streams to the Acuity switcher, while offering all the SDI I/O that the standard Acuity input card provides. This design allows for great flexibility when introducing IP to your productions:

No Trade-off Between SDI or IP
With Acuity IP IO Cards, you don’t need to choose between SDI or IP. This card provides IP connectivity in addition to the standard SDI count of a standard input card.

Migrate from SDI to IP on a Single Board
The SDI and the IP sources are freely available in the switcher and feed simultaneously to IP encapsulation hardware and the SDI hardware.

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