Production Switchers Acuity Overview


Acuity Primary Capabilities
Operational flexibility and ease of use lets you create extremely efficient productions.

  • Highly ergonomic panels offer personalization and configurability
  • Easy to use menus complete with on-line help are laid out for maximum efficiency and made to give users the choice of touch screen, function key, and mouse operation
  • Dual display supports two independent, simultaneous menus to enable quick control of all parameters

Functionality and connectivity that provide a complete production system solution makes your integration and operation highly cost effective.

  • Powerful monitoring functions include fully integrated MultiViewers and the ability to present critical information on the preview monitor output for more effective operation
  • Format flexibility from SD to UHD makes integrating a variety of format sources a seamless aspect of any production
  • Unmatched device control provides a better integrated production environment to achieve consistent productions even with limited resources

Superior design that is modular and scalable grows to meet your future needs.

  • A common set of standard modules makes configurability and service simple, and over time new functionality can be added through software upgrades
  • M/E hardware can also be utilized as MultiViewer heads to reduce system cost and complexity, and additional hardware modules can be added for expansion.
  • A single frame can connect and operate up to 9 control panels of different types to enable separate or split productions to share the same resource
  • Any panel can be used with any Live Production Engine frame so the system can be configured to meet specific production environments now and grow to meet new requirements in the future
  • Multiple I/O card variants that add 12G connectivity, IP connectivity, and additional video-processing resources

A true interconnected communications hub for the entire system, Acuity is the foundation for the production room of the future.

Designed from the ground up, Acuity enables operational control to be customized and is a true interconnected communications hub for the entire system. When coupled with Ross Video’s DashBoard control and monitoring platform with the customizable PanelBuilder application, or the industry leading OverDrive Automated Production Control system, Acuity delivers production-control speed and efficiency as well as flawless program creation, every time, all the time.

Acuity makes it personal, allowing you to arrange things the way you want them. Independently map inputs to any button in any order on any ME. Set up individual source mnemonic names, font sizes and colors. Use the Acuity RGB buttons to design your own color scheme, background panel glow and on-air indicators to fit the way you work. Choose from a selection of system control display themes. Put Acuity in your zone and make things happen.

Elegant and easy to use, Acuity’s control panel, which is fully modular and can be custom configured to suit operator’s needs, was designed after considerable consultation with customers, partners and prospective users to determine the ideal ergonomics and perfect feature set. Innovative manufacturing techniques were used to construct control surfaces that considerably enhance overall operation and ease of use—and takes production switchers to a whole new level.

In a modern production environment, no product should be an island. To ensure efficient workflow, flexible operations, seamless interoperability and multiple points of control, all system components must be able to communicate with one another. Acuity is fully integrated with Ross Video’s OverDrive Automated Production Control system and DashBoard control and monitoring platform, and offers the industry’s largest library of third-party control protocols. This unprecedented integration makes Acuity the best-connected production system available today. Acuity also integrates seamlessly with Ross XPression Graphics Systems, Abekas Video Servers, Ross Camera Robotics and Inception Media Workflow Tools for News, Social Media, and Sports.

For more information, please contact our switcher product team.