Production Switchers Acuity Top Reasons to Buy

Top Reasons to Buy

Acuity offers you a more integrated production environment than any other production switcher on the planet.

With a true layering engine and more keyers to add graphic elements, compositing complex scenes on a single ME are no problem especially when combined with third party character generator control to provide recall of templates, loading of text into templates, and page forward or reverse. For graphics integration that surpasses any other solution, using Ross XPression motion graphics gives you direct access to the powerful Sequencer and MultiLayer effects engine. XPression can also create outstanding Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality elements in conjunction with Ross Robotics for you to create the most compelling show scenes.

MultiFeed configurable outputs bring a new level of production control to every ME.

  • Every ME has SIX configurable program and TWO configurable preview outputs, fed by four background, preset and utility busses and sixteen key busses.
  • Select any of the MEs 8 keyers on any output.
  • Choose from two background and preset sources for any output.
  • Output composited ME key layers to downstream MEs or external keying devices.
  • Assign color corrected background sources for on-set displays.

Acuity UHD (4K) ME with 4 Keys and 3 configurable Program Outputs.

  • UHD (4K) production made easy, simple assignment of quad link 1080P feeds combined with Acuity’s powerful bus mapping and linking functions allow full 4 keyer UHD MEs to be created from just two 1080P MEs. A fully loaded 8RU Acuity frame can provide FOUR UHD MEs.
  • Each UHD ME has program, preview and two configurable clean feed outputs.

Optional MultiProcessing inputs with integrated source monitoring MultiViewer.

  • Source Frame Synchronization for untimed feeds.
  • Input processing – Proc Amps and Color Correction
  • 3G Level B to A conversion
  • Unique 20 window source MultiViewer

Fully integrated internal MultiViewer brings you effective and powerful monitoring with Acuity.

  • The selectable single or dual head MultiViewer function is highly configurable for number, storage, and recall of 39 layouts, up to 20 sources, with individual customization of windows, names, safe areas, tallies, and source tracking labels. All window sources are fully routable and instantly selectable from the switcher menu to maximize monitoring efficiency.
  • Very low latency and efficient filter designs ensure the best display quality.
  • A simple and flexible implementation eliminates the need for external routing systems, signal distribution systems, separate computers, configuration applications, and reduces wiring and system complexity. The dual head MultiViewers can be installed in unused ME slots, and reduces the number of switcher auxiliary outputs required.
  • By integrating what was once an external series of boxes into a fully integrated component of the production switchers, you can enjoy a more economical and cost-effective solution.

Enhance your productivity with a range of interfaces that assist you in operating Acuity the way you want to.

  • Pan, tilt, zoom, focus, and shot recall are directly controllable from your control panel with a robotic camera system interface for increased efficiency of productions.
  • Select a monitor wall layout from certain monitor wall systems to easily switch back and forth between layouts that can be tied to custom control macro buttons. The combination of the monitor wall interface with the serial tally Interface provides tally information and full mnemonic updates to the monitor wall gives your production personnel the feedback they need to keep track of all the action.
  • Tight integration to the OverDrive® automated production control system permits manual control even during semi or fully automated productions. This type of automated production control offers facilities like yours the greatest value for money and the fastest return on investment for capital expenses.
  • A wide range of device control including VTRs, video servers, clip and still stores, audio servers, audio mixers, and routers makes achieving your production goals easier.
  • A comprehensive set of system components and accompanying services are designed to offer tight integration and unmatched range of choices for your facility by working together seamlessly while also integrating nicely with third-party solutions to save you time and money.

  • The dual display presents two independent, simultaneous menus enabling quick control of the parameters you need.
  • Interact with system menus by using the 16:9 15” touch screen display, on panel Menu Module buttons, or your choice of mouse or trackball in the way you are most comfortable with.
  • Create custom control and monitoring interfaces with DashBoard PanelBuilder that include engineering status information, overall system health and full third party integration to simplify even the most complex of operations.
  • Additional control mechanisms are available for custom control access, remote control of macros and remote control of audio faders to extend your production management.
  • With flexible control of the system, you get more consistent productions, or the ability to produce shows with limited resources.

Exercise your creativity with an elegant control surface that you can arrange to make the tools fit your personal preferences.

  • Independently map inputs, set up individual source names, font sizes and colors, background panel glow colors, display themes, and on-air indicators to fit the way you work.
  • Utilize a new definition of preview with a unique preview monitor overlay containing important source information, time code, timer and safe area and a preview matrix for selecting ME output, or switcher input on the preview monitor to provide greater confidence on what comes next in your productions.
  • Full color, 8 character displays are user-configurable and can present router and key type data to show you precisely the data most important to you.
  • Designated buttons for common operations to help you feel what you’re doing, even in fast-paced live productions.
    The robust, auto-calibrated fader and 3-axis joystick with click button are specialized ergonomic devices tuned to the requirements of your demanding live productions.
  • Besides operation, panels are engineered for unmatched serviceability and support. All systems use a common set of standard modules that you can swap out in minutes, and future modules will offer new easily added functionality. System CPU and power supply are fast swap designed for easy change or upgrade.

A configurable panel greatly enhances ease of use for a broad range of operators that saves you training costs while providing efficiency through optimized speed and reliability.

The powerful processing capabilities of Acuity provide maximum resources in every configuration while making it easy to scale for future requirements.

  • Sophisticated effects and keying power are packed into every ME including multi-function keyers, 2D DVE / resizers, optional 3D DVE, pattern generators, UltraChrome™ advanced chroma keying, and configurable Program outputs to offer you a full set of production tools.
  • Capture, store, and playback stills, clips, and animations from the standard, internal SSD-based MediaStore to easily enhance your productions with a variety of media content at your fingertips.
  • Brand any output, overlay titles, or cut/mix sources using AuxKeys™ mixing and keying capability to auxiliary bus outputs independently without utilizing any ME resources. This permits you to perform tasks such as controlling on-set display content independently.
  • Extend your production abilities using MixDSK™ that offers 2 or 4 Downstream Linear/Luma Keyers and a full program/preset bus with cut and dissolve transitions with all sources available to the DSK’s without utilizing any ME resources. (not available with 8 full MEs)
  • Make adjustments to remote camera inputs, incoming feeds, and on set displays to provide just the right look and feel to your productions with integrated processing amplifiers and RGB color correction.
  • Managing different formats in a single production is no problem with a system that lets you make a choice of working in SD, HD, and UHD resolutions. The SmartConversion™ on-the-fly format conversion capability frees you from format issues by translating sources automatically as you create standard definition or high definition productions.
  • To extend production flexibility, multi-panel operation provides the ability to connect and operate up to 9 control panels of different types from a single Live Production Engine. This capability enables you to perform assisted productions, split feed home / away productions, multi-screen productions as well as separate productions sharing the same frame and resources.
  • Space saving 4RU and 8RU Live Production Engine frames host all the processing functions, power supplies and input/output matrices that directly contribute to a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the system.

Superior value is offered with upgradable frames that fit in smaller spaces, include an impressive array of standard features, and work with various numbers and types of control panels.