Production Switchers Carbonite Black Solo Web Streaming

Web Streaming

Online viewership is growing at a rampant pace.  Internet connections for delivery and consumption have improved to the point that quality levels for both bitrates and raster sizes are able to compete with the cable and satellite delivery models.

Modern content creators are finding a voice and viewership base through the internet. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook allow anyone to generate revenue with their compelling content.

Streaming is able to break away from the linear channel model, allowing content creators to generate any number of channels they desire. Additional channels increase viewership totals, but need the infrastructure to send multiple feeds.

The ability to deliver content to the internet is crucial to the modern content creator. However, demand to maintain higher quality feeds and streams is becoming a competitive advantage.  Having the best internet connection won’t make up for CPU cycles that are competing with other production requirements.

Dedicated hardware for encoding, streaming and even recording stream content is a key part of the workflow. With a reliable system providing consistent frame rate and raster size, you can focus on creating an engaging show for your audience. That’s the beauty of working with dedicated hardware.


Ross has partnered with AJA to turn Ross Solutions into streaming platforms.  The AJA-HELO is a hardware-based system for encoding and streaming that completes the Ross workflow by delivering high quality video to your platform of choice.  Additionally, HELO is configured from the same user interface of all Ross products – DashBoard.

Pairing the AJA-HELO with a production solution will check the box for those that need to stream. HELO supports:

  • High bitrate h.264 streams to all major platforms at full 1080p (59.94).
  • Recording of content to USB or SD card storage.
  • Individual profiles for each independent Record and Stream channel.
  • Triggering profile types from DashBoard CustomPanels as part of a greater production solution.

Carbonite Black Solo Streaming Solution

The Carbonite Black Solo production switcher includes the XPression Live CG for graphic titles as a standard feature set and bundle.

This allows for multi-camera productions with live graphics. The advantage of the XPression graphics platform and Carbonite Black Solo is efficiency. Carbonite Black Solo’s MediaStores act as frame buffer channels for the XPression graphics. An operator can create templates on the fly, fill those templates in with text and images, then push them to the frame buffer for quick access and control.

With Carbonite Black Solo’s Version 2.0 Software, video clips played from a USB thumb drive will include the ability to add pre-produced content to the production as well.

The addition of PIVOTCams makes for a great package solution. You can control these PTZ cameras from the switcher panel or DashBoard interface.

Solo All-in-one & AJA HELO

The workflow diagram shows a user-supplied audio mixer for a complete solution. This device mixes audio from the microphones and other devices in the system. Video is connected from the Carbonite via SDI, while the Audio comes from the Audio Mixer as a direct connection to the HELO Analog audio inputs. HELO features an Analog Audio Loop out as well as an HDMI output for use as a monitor output, to stream with confidence. Record video to removable storage via the USB and SD card ports.

Solo (Frame-only version) & AJA HELO

Same Carbonite Black Solo workflow and production capabilities, but with DashBoard software control of the switcher. This workflow would also apply to a Lightning Control System. Lightning controls the production system with live automation of many tasks, making it content-creator friendly with minimal requirements on the user having to master the live production equipment. Learn more about Lightning…