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Welcome to Switcher U, a place for online self-directed learning of Ross Production Switchers operation and workflow. This library of videos will be updated on a regular basis as new features and functionality are released for Ross Production Switchers. Be sure to check back for updates and enjoy your discovery of Ross Switchers!

If you’d like to schedule individualized or group training at your facility or Ross headquarters in Ottawa, please contact your local Ross representative. Also, free Switcher training sessions are scheduled periodically at various locations around the world for freelancers, Directors, and Technical Directors who want to improve their skills. Check the Ross website for the next location and session dates.

Video Tutorials

The video tutorials demonstrate the basics of the Carbonite Production Switcher.

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The Basics

  • Carbonite U 101
    Carbonite 101: Introduction
  • Carbonite U 102
    Carbonite 102: Mapping the Switcher
  • Carbonite U 103
    Carbonite 103: Key Types
  • Carbonite U 104
    Carbonite 104: Store and Recall Memories
  • Carbonite U 105
    Carbonite 105: XPression SOP for Working with Carbonite/VC
  • Carbonite U 106
    Carbonite 106: Capturing and Preparing Media Items
  • Carbonite U 107
    Carbonite 107: Using Media Stores
  • Carbonite U 108
    Carbonite 108: Building Macros
  • Carbonite U 109
    Carbonite 109: ViewControl – Useful Tips / Setup
  • Carbonite U 110
    Carbonite 110: Use a Split Key to perform a Black and White Effect
  • Carbonite U 111
    Carbonite 111: MiniMEs Configuration and Operation
  • Carbonite U 201
    Carbonite 201: Lance Design TDC-100 Integration
  • Carbonite U 301
    Carbonite 301: Carbonite DashBoard Display setup and configuration
  • Carbonite U 302
    Carbonite 302: Remote USB Access
  • Carbonite U 303
    Carbonite 303: Carbonite Black Configuration – Version 12 Software
  • Carbonite U 304
    Carbonite 304: AMP Video Server Configuration and Operation
  • Carbonite U 305
    Carbonite 305: XPression Live CG Configuration
  • Carbonite U 306
    Carbonite 306: XPression Motion CG Configuration