Production Switchers Carbonite Black Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades

From time to time, we release new Carbonite software with cool new features. Simply follow the links at the bottom of the page to download the latest version – free.

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DashBoard v8.1 Required

DashBoard Control System version 8.1 (or newer) is needed in order to take adavantage latest Carbonite features. Download DashBoard here…

Carbonite Software Download


Version: 12.3
File Size: 283.8 MB
Post Date: September 1, 2017

Warning: Upgrading to version 12 prevents the downgrade to version 10.1 or older. Once you have upgraded to Version 12 you will not be able to go back!

Upgrading to version 11.0, or higher, from a version lower than 11.0 requires a special upgrade of the switcher. This upgrade will take significantly longer than normal upgrades (about 15 minutes longer) and requires a 2GB, or larger , USB for temporary storage during the upgrade. If there is a failure during the upgrade, your settings may be lost. It is important to save your switcher set and record the current IP address.

Note: DON’T START THE UPGRADE PROCESS AN HOUR BEFORE YOU NEED TO GO TO AIR, if at all possible. While we’ve made every effort to make the process smooth and maintain compatibility, we may have “tweaked” a feature that you use. Leave time to verify that your installation and memories are still working the way you intended. Some effects may need to be rebuilt.

When upgrading systems with Carbonite Black panel you will see a message post upgrade on the panel that there is a version mismatch. Follow upgrade instructions in order to upgrade panel via Dashboard using attached .bin file. This does not apply to standard Carbonite panels.