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Nigel Spratling
Vice President, Production Switchers, and Video Servers

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Les O'Reilly
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Executive Summary

Real Switcher. Real Graphics. Real Audio

  • Real Production Switcher Hardware: The video switcher is the heart of any live production, reliability and performance are paramount. Graphite includes the pure production power of Carbonite – the world’s most popular mid-size production switcher – built into dedicated hardware.  Enjoy all of Carbonite’s ‘big’ switcher features and never miss a beat.
  • Real Graphics: Graphics can make or break a show and Graphite comes equipped with the best.  The Ross XPression Motion Graphics system is used by top Hollywood Productions, Sports Teams and Networks. Graphite also includes XPression Clips – fully featured clip server channels.
  • Real Audio Mixing: A professional twenty-eight channel hardware-based audio mixing engine with optional Mic and line breakout panel with great specs and low distortion

Rock-Solid Reliability

  • Crash-Proof Hardware: Traditional all-in-one systems can suffer from stability problems – a stutter in the middle of an important production or losing an element due to resources limits is unacceptable. Graphite eliminates these issues with its core processing built on dedicated internal hardware that contains the proven Carbonite engine.  It even stays up while the computer reboots – ideal for mission critical applications.
  • Proven System: Graphite is built on a solid foundation of dedicated components made by Ross, quality assured by a team of specialists to ensure a superior experience.
  • Backed by Ross’ Legendary 24x7x365 Support: When you do need help, it is only a phone call or email away to Ross’ round the clock global technical support team.

Simplicity & Scalability

  • True All-in-One Solution: No external networking required for inputs and outputs, just plug and play into Graphite’s dedicated I/O.
  • Single or Multi-User Operation: Graphite scales to meet the demands of various productions – run with a single operator or use separate operators for graphics and audio for larger, more complex productions. Supercharge control with event-specific custom Dashboard user interfaces.
  • Growth Path: Regular firmware updates are downloadable from the Ross website. Easily expand Graphite’s capabilities with additional graphics channels, newsroom integration and automated production control.

Graphite is an advanced approach to all-in-one systems that not only offers the software-based flexibility that makes all-in-ones so desirable, but also implements a dedicated hardware-based element that addresses the fundamental issues inherent in traditional all-in-one systems. At the heart of Graphite is a PCIE card that is entirely separate from the PC. This dedicated Graphite hardware handles the operation of both the Carbonite switcher and RAVE audio – leaving the main PC wholly dedicated to tapping the powerful XPression graphics engine. Thanks to this innovation, Graphite offers incredible performance, and the backbone of your show remains immune to the usual PC and operating system crashes, reboots, and updates that traditional all-in-one systems are vulnerable to.

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