Production Switchers Graphite Applications


Tens of thousands of users have used Ross switchers and graphics in a wide variety of applications on a daily basis. Over the years, Ross has incorporated feedback from a diverse group of users, resulting in capable, comprehensive and reliable feature sets. Combining the capabilities of these product groups with powerful audio tools and processing, means that whatever your creation, you know Graphite will give you the tools to execute beautiful, clean productions.

Broadcast Mobile

Broadcast Mobile Application
Graphite makes a great mobile production system for flight packs, OB Vans, trailers, and cabins. The combination of production power and compact rack frame are absolutely ideal for mobile applications. Graphite offers the full feature set required to make sophisticated productions in the field come together. The flexible user ergonomics of Graphite and superb features will make your programming come alive.

Small Control Rooms

Small Control Room Application
Not all broadcast productions enjoy the luxury of large facilities. Sometimes, there are significant space and budget constraints. Without sacrificing functionality or production quality, Graphite fits into even the most space constricted control-rooms. The separate compact frame housed in the equipment room keeps control-room noise and cabling to a minimum. Graphite can be operated entirely from an on-screen soft panel. Graphite offers the production power to create a variety of clean, great looking shows.

Auxiliary Productions

Auxiliary Production Application
As a backup, sub-switch, or split feed with a larger primary production switcher, the multi-definition I/O capacity of Graphite combined with its budget sensitive pricing, make it the ideal solution for protecting or augmenting your mission critical productions. Besides being used as a live back-up switcher, Graphite can increase the capacity of your primary system by feeding it ready-to-air video, graphics, and audio.

House of Worship

House of Worship Application
Houses of Worship have special requirements for their productions. They must be powerful, easy to use and handle multi-screen and multi-feed production. Another critical element for any live IMAG production is the absence of play-back delay. Graphite features a simple user interface ideally suited for volunteer-staffed live productions and processes crisp 10-bit video in real-time with no visible lag. Additionally, you have access to high quality graphics and audio to further enhance your productions.


Sport Venue Application
Not every facility has the display requirements of a major-league stadium, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality. The budget sensitive Graphite features powerful keying of graphics, independent multi-definition outputs, and multiscreen management; giving you the flexibility to offer world-class presentations without a world-class budget.

Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment Application
Punch up your shows by adding effects to multiple screens. Graphite’s convenient rapid operation, image magnification (IMAG), and graphics capability permits you to create a compelling show in which you never miss a beat. Easily take your shows on the road thanks to the low weight, compact size, and resilient design of Graphite.

Corporate Production

Corporate Production Application
For even the most budget conscious productions, Graphite delivers proven results. Maintain superb production values combined with minimal video delay for a tight match to live action. With independent multi-definition outputs, up to 5 keyers per M/E, multi-layer graphics and high quality audio processing, Graphite offers lots of power in a small package. All of this is controlled from Graphite’s easy to use soft panel or ergonomic hardware control panels with the ability to perform full previews on all outputs.


Education Application
For campus television channels, distance learning, IMAG presentations or personnel training, Graphite is a logical choice. The ease of use permits students to quickly grasp basic live production concepts while the industry standard, next transition style control means that training on a Ross system makes operation comfortable even on competitive models. Aside from switching, Graphite also includes graphics and audio for the complete production set. With Graphite, your students will quickly become versatile in all aspects of live production.

Multi-Platform Production

Multi-Platform Application
Media organizations need serious tools to pull their productions together quickly with a high-quality look and feel across all platforms. The ability to produce live programming from a studio complete with graphics and audio can save hours of precious time in editing for content streamed on Internet and mobile platforms. No matter what the final destination is, you’ll appreciate the added value that Graphite can provide.