Production Switchers Graphite Overview


Graphite Primary Capabilities
The high-end production power of the world’s most popular mid-sized switcher- Carbonite- is fully incorporated for you to create engaging programs.

  • Two powerful MEs form the foundation of the switcher, which possess complete keying and effects capability.
  • Four unique MiniMEs can be assigned anywhere in the system for additional dissolves and key layers independent of ME resources. MiniMEs perform wonderfully as uniquely keyed AUX outputs.
  • Four independent MediaStore channels are available switcher-wide. Stills, logos, and animated graphics are played out from the on-board 2GB memory and can also be loaded via USB storage device.
  • Refined memory and custom control system provides for simple set-up and operation of every component of Graphite: graphics, clips, stills, and audio.
  • Fully integrated MultiViewers with selectable layouts, borders, tallies and UMD label displays for each source.

Graphite in control room
The capabilities of a proven motion graphics platform are built into the system for you to leverage sophisticated looks and data into your productions.

  • Powerful single channel with unlimited layering capability, is more powerful than traditional multi-channel graphics systems. Graphite’s separate PCIe card handles the operation of the Carbonite and RAVE, which permits the host-PC’s processing to be dedicated to XPression operations. This powerful graphics system can be used to its fullest potential.
  • A true 3D engine permits usage of 3D text, 3D Objects, and a virtual camera functionality to create truly dynamic 3D animations.
  • Two channels of XPression Clips server provides a full database to browse, catalog, and output clips directly to air on any channel or layer. Graphics created in XPression can be utilized in these channels much like an external video source.
  • Easy-to-use user interface organizes the process of creating dynamic animations, provides a smart sequencer to quickly edit and take graphic elements to air, and even simplifies the process of intelligent scripting logic for advanced functions.

RAVE in control room
The RAVE audio engine provides true professional audio functionality to add dynamic audio mixing and processing capabilities to your productions.

  • RAVE includes a full 28-channel digital audio mixer. Enjoy all the features of a standard mixer including input management, level monitoring, volume / gain adjustment. and more.
  • Utilize the audio inputs from external embedded SDI audio sources, and from internal sources like XPression, XPression Clips, PC Audio and Media Stores.
  • Extend capabilities with an optional audio breakout panel that adds analog and digital audio I/O, which is converted and accessible in the RAVE audio mixer. All audio sources within Graphite can be utilized simultaneously during production. The audio panel also provides pre-amps and phantom power for microphones. All of these features are made available in a single 1RU device.
  • Simplify show set-up and execution of critical audio elements with direct Carbonite control.

Graphite is a complete all-In-one production system that offers everything you need. With the Carbonite switcher, XPression motion graphics, XPression Clips server, and RAVE audio engine – total production power is right at your fingertips. Concentrated into a minimal 4RU frame, you are in control of the entirety of Graphite’s production functions from DashBoard soft panels displayed from the computer sub-system. For users that prefer more tactile control methods, Graphite works with any size Carbonite Black panel.

In the realm of live production, failure is simply not an option. This is what drove Ross Video to build a solution that is a vast improvement over existing all-in-ones, and that provides a truly reliable system. Through the development of dedicated hardware, Graphite has done away with the conventional hazards that all-in-ones face. So long as Graphite is plugged in and the power is running, the Carbonite switcher and RAVE audio will continue to run even in the unlikely event of a computer crashes, reboot, or update. Not only are your productions safer, but they also run a lot smoother thanks to smart allocation of resources. The Carbonite switcher and RAVE audio engine rely on the self-contained Graphite hardware, while XPression graphics makes total use of the computer. This is truly smart production at its finest.

The versatility of such a compact and powerful production system means there is near-limitless application for all types of productions. Like all Ross Video products, Graphite is designed to simplify operations for you to produce content efficiently and economically.