Production Switchers Graphite Top Reasons To Buy

Top Reasons To Buy

Get full production value with an innovative software and hardware platform that comes together in a professional-quality production system.

  • Achieve powerful production switching with true Carbonite performance and feature set which includes 2 MEs with 4+1 keys each, 4 MiniMEs processors with 2 keys each, 4 floating DVEs, 2 Ultrachrome chroma keyers, and two advanced pattern generators per ME.
  • Apply superb visuals with the integrated single channel of XPression multi-layer motion graphics over live sources and recorded clips. Productions are further supplemented with 2 channels of XPression Clips for recording, managing and playing back of video clips.
  • Handle the entirety of switcher and audio mixing, while freeing up the processing of the computer sub-system with the fully incorporated Graphite hardware. Make the absolute most of your XPression application, as the near entirety of the computer power is dedicated to the powerful graphics engine.
  • Build out complete productions with advanced RAVE audio production tools, including a 28-channel mixer and audio processing such as SDI embedding / de-embedding. Additional analog and digital audio can be implemented with an optional audio breakout panel that is only an additional 1RU in size.

All the operational features and levels of quality you would expect from separately developed systems are brought together into an all-in-one package.

Graphite Engine

Graphite is a cost-effective all-in-one production system, but offers total reliability.

  • By utilizing a separate hardware-based PCIe card, Graphite eliminates the conventional limitations of software-based all-in-one systems that are entirely reliant on PC performance and operation.
  • The Graphite PCIe card completely handles Carbonite and RAVE operation. By freeing up the CPU power of the integrated computer for graphics, frustrating performance issues such as stuttered animations, unresponsive operation, and freezing are virtually eliminated. This is how Graphite is able to offer such a powerful switching, graphics, and audio – all in one unified system.
  • By virtue of its independent hardware, Graphite wholly eliminates the most critical of PC/OS-based issues that traditional all-in-ones face. The only way the Carbonite and RAVE can be stopped in the midst of a production, is if power is lost to the system.

Ensure you make the most of the one opportunity you have to perform your live productions.

All the features of a complete production control room, packaged in a way that simplifies deployment and reduces costs.

  • Compact 4RU chassis with internal switcher, graphics engine, clip server, and audio mixer completely eliminates all the interconnectivity requirements of standalone equipment. This reduces costs and eliminates complex set-up headaches.
  • While Graphite can be efficiently operated by a single user, multiple operators can access DashBoard panels for each of Graphite’s robust components. Crew your show based on your production requirements, not the needs of the system.
  • The space conscious design is perfectly sized for even the most size-restricted studios, flight cases, and OB vans
  • The strong all-metal body design makes the system rugged, tough and reliable.

Keep your costs in line and your operations efficient with a full production control room in a box.