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XPression Training

During the course, you will cover all aspects of XPression graphics creation and operation. In addition, each student will receive a dongle and software for XPression Designer, the offline creation edition of XPression. This version is not capable of outputting live video, but it will render graphics to a pixel accurate virtual output on your VGA screen. This will allow you to work with XPression at home to sharpen your skills and eventually do pre-build work for live programs.

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Ross Collegiate Sports Training 2020

Join Ross Video for free online training sessions designed to help maximize your capabilities in College Sports Production. Amber Barnett, Ross Video’s Sports Solutions Specialist will review XPression Design Basics, ESPN Collegiate Production Workflows* and XPression Tessera Workshop. Session listing below – sign up for one or all!

Ross Collegiate Sports Training – XPression Design Basics
Date: June 17, 1-3pm EDT

Ross Collegiate Sports Training – ESPN Collegiate Production Workflow*
Date: June 18, 1-3pm EDT

Ross Video Collegiate Sports Training – XPression Tessera Workshop
Date: June 19, 1-3pm EDT

*NOTE: ESPN Collegiate Production Workflow restricted to colleges and end users who produce content for ESPN.

Who Can Attend?
Training is free to any freelance graphics operators not currently working for a customer on a full-time basis.

What Should I Bring?
All attendees are required to bring a personal computer that meets the following requirements:

  • Windows 7 or 10 required
  • Microsoft Office install with Microsoft Excel is recommended
  • An nVidia GPU preferred
  • 2-3Gb of RAM

In preparation for the training, we encourage you to review the following tutorial videos, which can be found on XPression U.

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