XPression GO2!

XPression GO2! Series

The XPression GO2! Series uses a capable Thunderbolt 3™️ enabled Windows laptop and the AJA ioX3 Thunderbolt 3-to-HD-SDI video I/O device. The XPression Studio GO2! and XPression BlueBox GO2! editions can render up to two channels up to 1080P high-quality real-time motion graphics, using the same XPression projects used on rack-mounted XPression systems.
XPression GO2! Users can expand on the power packed into a portable solution, to generate two channels of XPression content in a kit which fits into a backpack. Build and playback multi-channel XPression projects for sports, entertainment, news, house of worship, elections or corporate productions anywhere. With the XPression GO2! Kit, be the GO-TO graphics team anywhere you go.
Generate real-time, frame-accurate full motion graphics and effects including real-time data like score and clock, election results or other data sources using integration with the XPression DataLinq™️ Server option for data-driven video productions.

Portable, Real-time, 3D Render Engine. Available as either:
·Studio GO! or GO2! (single or dual channel)
·BlueBox GO! or GO2! (single or dual channel)
·XPression Prime GO! (single channel only)
Using This Hardware Configuration:
·Dell Precision 7770 or better Laptop
·AJA ioX3 Thunderbolt 3 Video I/O Device

*Hardware configuration and laptop models subject to change.