Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Carbonite Ultra makes insane mid-sized production switcher horsepower more affordable than ever. Please note that these are USA prices, international prices will vary:


CUF-124Base unit, 1 ME, 2 MV, 8FCFS+ (Frame Syncs / Format Converters, Proc Amps / Colour Correctors)$10,900
CUF-ADD-ME2Adds ME2 option to the CUF-124 engine. Enables 12G/UHD when available.$6,000
CUF-ADD-ME3Adds ME3 option to the CUF-124 engine. Enables 12G/UHD when available.$6,000
CUF-ADD-MV2&4Adds MultiViewer 2 & MultiViewer 4 to the CUF-124 engine – each with 45 layouts to choose from with up to 16 windows:
• Includes 1 additional System MultiViewer (MV 2) with access to all physical I/O, internal sources and internal buses.
• Includes 1 additional I/O MultiViewer (MV4) with access to all physical inputs and physical outputs.
CUF-ADD-I/OPLUSAdd FSFC and Proc Amps / Colour Correctors to all I/O:
• Expands the number of Frame Sync Format Converters with Proc Amps and Colour Correctors.
• Standard System includes 8 Assignable FSFC+. Option enables a total of 34 in the system.
CUF-PSUStandard Power Supply$495
CUF-RACKPOWERRackmount 1RU Power Supply$2,995
CUF-HDBNC-BNCHDBNC to BNC kit with 8 cables:
• Kit includes 8 x 1 Foot HDBNC to BNC cables
• Ultra has 40 Total HD BNC I/O
• 5 kits required for conversion of all HD BNC I/O

Note: 12G/UHD Operation Mode requires CUF-ADD-ME2 license. When operating in UHD video formats, Carbonite Ultra offers 1 full ME & 2 MiniMEs for use.

Pricing Matrix

Standard Feature Set$10,900$16,900$22,900
MultiViewers 2 & 4$11,900$17,900$23,900
PLUS I/O$12,900$18,900$24,900
PLUS I/O + MV 2 & 4$13,900$19,900$25,900


CB91 ME / 9 Buttons
CB11 ME / 16 Buttons
CB1S1 ME / 24 Buttons
CB22 ME / 16 Buttons
CB2S2 ME / 24 Buttons
CB3S3 ME / 24 Buttons
CB3X3 ME / 32 Buttons
PSU-12V16A-6PINRedundant PSU for Panels

Shipping in January 2019
Starting at $10,900*

*USA pricing, international prices will vary.

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