Carbonite Ultra Frame

Multi-Definition Inputs 24 SDI inputs
Multi-Definition Outputs 14 SDI outputs (4 of which are dedicated I/O MultiViewer outputs)
Mix Effect Buses (MEs) Configurable with up to 3 MEs, each with 4 full function keyers + transition keyer for MediaWipes and DVE transitions. Ships with 1ME as standard and is configurable with MEs 2 and 3 via software license.
MiniME Effect Buses 4 MiniMEs, each with 2 full function keyers, independent mixer and preview bus. All 4 MiniMEs are included as standard with every system.
Chroma Keyers 2 floating UltraChrome chroma keyers can be utilized by any keyer in the system
DVEs 8 (2D) floating DVES can be utilized by any keyer in the system
Stills & Animations 4 Channels of MediaStore with a total storage capacity of 8 GB. Each channel can render stills and animations with alpha. Supports animations with audio or audio-only playback. Files can be directly rendered to the MediaStores via Ethernet.
Supported Media File Types Stills & Animations: .JPG & .JPEG (no Alpha), TGA & PNG (with Alpha & 48K WAV audio files)
Graphics Software Included XPression LiveCG software creates still graphics from a network-connected PC workstation and renders directly into MediaStores via IP.
Pattern Generators 2 per ME
Effects & Transitions Support for standard transitions along with Animated MediaWipes with audio and overlay effects on main MEs. Dissolve transitions are available to MiniMES.
Memories 100 Memories per ME and MiniME per Show File. Multiple show files can be stored on the USB drive. Effects memory functionality allows for animated memory recalls, while MemoryAI ensure memory recalls will not adversely affect what is currently on-air.
Custom Control Macros Up to 256 Custom Controls can be created in DashBoard or from the Control Panel surface.
Input / Output Processing Equipped with 8 FSFC+ that can be assigned to any input or output. Each FSFC+ offers Frame Syncs for inputs – along with Color Correction, Proc Amps and Format Conversion for inputs and outputs. Optional FSFC+ on every input and output via software license.
Monitoring Offers up to 2 System MultiViewers and 2 dedicated I/O MultiViewers. Ships with 1 I/O MultiViewer & 1 System MultiViewer as standard, additional I/O and System MultiViewers via software license.
Device Control Includes device control for Video Servers, XPression Graphics, Robotics, PBus, GPO, Trackless Virtual Sets and PTZ Cameras.
IP, Serial And Parallel Tally 24 Contact Closure Tallies
GPI/O 24 GPI/O connections
AES Digital Audio 2 AES digital audio outputs
Time Code Input For use with MultiViewer System Clock and Live EDL Feature
Ethernet Ports 1 Ethernet port
Reference Input Black Burst or Tri-Level Sync
Reference Ouput Black Burst output is configurable for H/V offset from input reference
Editor / Serial Tally Port 1 (RS-422)
Edit Decision Lists LiveEDL can capture EDL data in a file that you load into your non-linear editing (NLE) suites)
System Physical 1RU Rack Frame, with support for redundant power supplies

12G / UHD Operation Mode (Available in Future Release)*

12G SDI Inputs 18 SDI Inputs
12G SDI Outputs 10 SDI Outputs
Mix Effect Buses (MEs) 1 UHD ME with 4 full function keyers + transition keyer for MediaWipes and DVE transitions
MiniMEs 2 UHD MiniMEs, each with 2 full function keyers, independent mixer and preview bus.

* 12G/UHD Operation mode requires the ME 2 software license. When operating in UHD video formats, Carbonite Ultra offers 1 full ME & 2 MiniMEs for use.

Signal Processing Standards

Standard Definition 480i/59.94 – 4:3 and 16:9 | 576i/50 – 4:3 and 16:9
High Definition 720p & 1080i 50/59.94 | 1080pSF, 23.98/25/29.97
3G 1080P 1080p 50/59.94
12G UHD 2160p 50/59.94
(available as licensed option in a future release)


Carbonite Black Control Panels
DashBoard LiveAssist
ViewControl Touchscreen Interface

Carbonite Black Control Panels

Direct Access Crosspoint Buttons 16 24 16 24 24/32
Number Of ME Rows 1 1 2 2 3
ME Effects Memory Keypad No – Global only 1 per ME + Global No – Global only 1 per ME + Global 1 per ME + Global
Theme-Able Panel Glow RGB Buttons
8 Character Input and Key Source Color Mnemonics
Custom Control Macro Buttons with Split Row Mnemonics 128 192 128 192 192/256