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Spidercam – Cable Camera Systems

Spidercam broadcast-quality robotic camera solutions are suspended from a cable-driven system to provide exceptional and immersive video. These cutting-edge camera systems are used to create unique shots for sports events, concerts, esports, and TV shows around the globe.

Unique Perspective

Spidercam provides the tools to bring your event to life. The cable-based systems create stunning views that will enthrall your audience and provide greater accessibility to your event.

Flexible Systems

Spidercam’s full-field systems allow coverage of outdoor sporting and live events, while its smaller indoor solutions are ideal for conferences, worship productions and other events such as music awards and esports tournaments.


By incorporating a 5-axis gyro-stabilized dolly and remote head, Spidercam is able to provide clear, shake-free images. The smaller system, Spidercam Light, has a 3-axis gyro stabilized remote head with active roll axis and endless pan.

Spidercam Showreel

Used on productions around the world, Spidercam systems are suspended on four cables with winches that navigate a camera dolly in 3D space utilizing a stabilized head to provide HD or 4K video.



Spidercam maintains full compliance with global safety standards, and Ross offers regular maintenance and support. Our pilots and technicians are specially trained and work to ensure a safe working environment on productions. Spidercam’s safety features include collision avoidance, emergency stops, dual safety brakes, and constant monitoring.

Reliable and Versatile

Manufactured from high-quality aluminum at its core, Spidercam systems are built with synthetic catenary cables and designed to protect against outdoor conditions, dust, and water. Spidercam can be installed in every kind of outdoor venue and most indoor venues, arenas, and TV studios.


Spidercam’s fibre optic connections ensure no loss of return video. The signals for the camera, RCP, lens, microphone, speaker, tally, and genlock communications are all transmitted over the fibre link to provide consistent, interference-free transmission.


The system’s user interface provides operators with full creativity using the joysticks as well as the ability to record and play back moves from the dolly and/or camera to ensure consistent movements.

Teleprompter Support

Spidercam systems include the option to add a teleprompter and microphone for in-field/venue interviews, which increases the versatility of your production and enhances the viewer experience.

Augmented Reality in 4K

Offering 4K camera packages and integrated, accurate tracking data, Spidercam enables integration with Ross graphics and render engines, as well as third-party render sets, to enhance your production value.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


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House of Worship


  Field Light Mini
Degrees of Freedom 3D (x,y,z) 3D (x,y,z) 3D (x,y,z)
Area 250x250m 80x80m 60x60m
Power 400-480VAC 32A 208-480VAC 32A 208-480VAC 32A
Battery Run-time 4-5hrs 2-3hrs 2-3hrs
Speed 9.5m/s (21mph) 4.5m/s (10mph) 3m/s (6.5mph)


Solutions Brief

Solutions Brief
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