Furio SkyDolly Ceiling-Mounted Camera System

Furio SkyDolly Ceiling-Mounted Motion Camera System

Furio SkyDolly leverages Furio’s industry-leading technologies to unleash the creative potential of ceiling-mounted cameras.  Combining unmatched stability, speed, and accuracy, SkyDolly delivers smooth, dynamic, repeatable on-air quality presets and movements, perfect for live, automated, and virtual or augmented reality productions.

Furio SkyDolly provides greater flexibility in set design and enhances audience experience by replacing pedestals, cranes, and jibs, removing the camera from the floor, and freeing up space in the studio.

Practical Performance

Furio SkyDolly delivers much more than just beauty shots, with the payload capacity to support a full-sized prompter, it can also serve as the primary camera in a newsroom production, providing maximum flexibility and practicality.

Safety First

Thanks to its specially designed wheels and secondary safety rails, the SkyDolly is specifically designed to ensure that the dolly cannot fall from the sky and includes tether points for every element of the system, including the payload.

Complete System

The Furio SkyDolly system includes everything you need to add a complete ceiling mounted rail system to your studio, including optional inverted lift, custom trusses, and an integrated cable management system. Learn more…

Fully Compatible

Fully compatible with existing Furio VR1, VR100, VR600 and Live Pan/Tilt heads, SkyDolly integrates seamlessly with other elements of the Ross Robotics family, including CamBot XY pedestals, Furio floor dollies and BlackBird pedestals, all under SmartShell or Vision[Ai]ry Ft control. All other unique Furio features like Furio API, remote E-stops and field-replaceable electronics unit are standard on all Furio SkyDolly Studio systems.

Always On Track

Furio SkyDolly’s absolute rail encoder technology provides reliable, accurate tracking data regardless of traction, or accumulation of dust and dirt, and without the need for homing or recalibration – perfect for virtual and augmented reality.


Furio SkyDolly unleashes the full power of MotionDirector, combining the unequaled beauty of naturally smooth and synchronized key-frame moves, with the flexibility to make in-flight manual corrections from the joystick panel. Create even more unique signature shots by recording manual (joystick) movements overtop of keyframed moves.

What's New with SkyDolly?

Learn about the latest SkyDolly enhancements.



A lengthened and widened three-wheeled base (TriDolly) eliminates the possibility of instability or loss of traction resulting from an imperfectly levelled track.

Staying on Top

Furio SkyDolly sits on top of the rails, raising the center of mass as close to the rails as possible – minimizing the pendulum effect that creates unwanted swaying.

Cable Manager

Custom low-noise trolleys neatly support cables from the two safety rails above the dolly, with minimal impact on the overall footprint of the system.

Looking for a Remote Camera?

Furio Live is perfect for capturing all the action at live events!


Furio SkyDolly + VR Head
Furio SkyDolly & S2 Lift + VR Head
Furio SkyDolly with VR100/VR600 Head

Mounting a VR100 or VR600 head directly under the SkyDolly with an 18cm (7”) fixed height column provides a unique perspective, ideal for beauty shots where usually jibs were being used.

Taller or shorter fixed height columns can be custom built, depending on the studio requirements.

Furio SkyDolly & S2 Lift with VR100/VR600 Head

Mounting a VR100 or VR600 on an inverted S2 lift under the SkyDolly allows for some spectacular studio shots by combining smooth vertical movement with long sweeping dolly shots.



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White Papers

White Papers
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