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Studio Robotic Control Systems

Whether you have Furio dollies, free-roaming CamBot pedestals, PT heads, or PTL pedestals, all of your Ross robotic systems can be controlled by a common control system using a centralized Ethernet-based architecture.

All Ross Studio Robotic systems can be directly controlled from a wide range of control platforms using an open API that allows complete control of every feature of the robots. Whether you have Furio dollies, free-roaming CamBot pedestals, BlackBird PTL pedestals, PT heads, or even PTZ cameras, all your Ross robotic systems can be controlled by a common control system using an Ethernet-based architecture. Our graphical user interfaces (GUI) provide simple, easy-to-use solutions for creating, managing, and recalling shots on all your Ross Robotic cameras, helping deliver consistent, high-quality productions without sacrificing creativity.

Ross Video offers a range of robotic control options that can be scaled and combined to create the perfect control solution for any market application. From our free Dashboard plugins for controlling core functions on all Ross robots, PTZs and cameras, to our enterprise-level SmartShell control platform, we can create a workflow solution that is perfect for your environment. This includes a hands-free automated workflow using our AI-based framing software, Vision[Ai]ry Ft, in combination with Ross OverDrive APC.

Unlimited Creativity

Operators are free to create a virtually unlimited library of shots, each of which can be instantly recalled from any control system with a TCP connection to the robot. With our MotionDirector technology, operators also have the ability to create signature beauty shots by simply dragging and dropping keyframes into a timeline – or recording manual movements that can be perfectly reproduced time after time, at the press of a button.


Our control solutions scale from a simple two-camera studio to a cross-country network of studios and control rooms, where any robot can be controlled from any control room, including home-based remote terminals hosted in the cloud. Combine SmartShell with other Ross applications, such as Vision[Ai]ry Ft, DashBoard, OverDrive (APC) and Lucid Studio (VS/AR) to create a complete robotic camera control solution for manual, automated and/or virtual studio workflows.

Complete Control

Our control solutions provide complete control of your studio robotic cameras, from operating all aspects of your Ross Robotics systems, to camera shading, and 3rd party PTZ camera control – all on one control station. And with DashBoard’s extensive programming and customization features, you can create a complete custom control interface that goes well beyond just camera control to include almost anything in your studio.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


IP-Based Control

Each control station communicates with the robots using native IP-based protocols over an Ethernet infrastructure, simplifying integration into new or existing facilities. Our modern network architecture enables remote and automated production by consistently delivering the same visual results, whether controlled locally, remotely over a high-speed network, or via automated control software.


All of the coordinates and trajectory planning smarts are in the robots themselves, eliminating the dependence of the robot on communication with a remote controller to coordinate its movements. This reduces the amount of network traffic, and simplifies communication, allowing the robot to be easily managed across long distances. Typically, the only issue with remote operation is associated with network latency and its impact on joystick control. However, this too can be easily mitigated by adding Vision[Ai]ry Ft locally, which automatically maintains optimal framing, even as subjects move about the studio.


Control of the robots is easily shared between multiple control points, of all flavors and types, without the need for synchronization of shots or complicated handshaking to hand off control. You can have SmartShell stations in two or three control rooms alongside OverDrive (or 3rd party) APC, with Vision[Ai]ry Ft correcting the framing and DashBoard running on a laptop in the studio for the engineer to use when off-air. Each control point can access any of the robots in the facility – or in a connected remote facility. They all just work together.

SmartShell Control System

Whether you have Furio dollies, free-roaming CamBot pedestals, PT heads or PTL pedestals, all of your Ross robotic systems can be controlled by a common control system using a centralized Ethernet-based architecture.

Vision[Ai]ry Ft

Vision[Ai]ry Ft uses AI-based facial recognition to detect, locate and track the position of faces within the video stream directly from the camera. Combining a flexible feature set with reliable facial detection algorithms, Vision[Ai]ry Ft simplifies camera workflows and further improves consistency and quality in your productions.

DashBoard Plugins for Robotic and Camera Control

Our three Dashboard plugins (PT, PTZ and camera) deliver an unbeatable combination of flexibility, functionality, and affordability, providing control solutions for all Ross robotics, PTZ cameras, and Acid cameras, as well as select 3rd party devices.


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Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship




  DashBoard Plugins for Robotic and Camera Control Vision[Ai]ry Ft SmartShell
PTZ Plugin Camera Plugin PT Plugin
Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus Control  Yes   Yes   Yes
Track or Floor (XY)/Lift Control         Yes
Add/edit/recall/delete Presets Yes   Yes Recall Yes
Add/edit/recall/delete Moves         Yes
Automated Framing        Yes  
Physical joystick panel USB Panel (Optional) USB Panel (Optional) USB Panel (Optional) USB Panel (Optional) SmartShell Control Panel

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