The Perfect Symbiosis of Man and Machine

The brand-new Ross Robotics MotionDirector uses complex mathematical algorithms to develop real-time motion profiles that make a robotic camera system behave as naturally as possible, while making programming and control a breeze. The result is a camera system that consistently delivers beautiful looking results, combining the natural artistry of a human operator with the accuracy and repeatability of a machine.


Natural Motion

MotionDirector’s mathematical algorithms ensure that the motion is always free from undesirable camera shake, providing consistently smooth motion – even at high speeds.

Connect and Captivate

Promote a connection with your audience by showcasing beautifully designed camera robots and production consistency. Motion Director allows an audience to stay captivated in the moment while the camera robots perform a well-choreographed ballet of smooth movement and mathematical precision.

Take Control

Don’t be a slave to your robot – feel free to make manual adjustments from the joystick panel while a programmed movement is in progress. Because even scripted programs can be a little unpredictable!

Infinite Flexibility

Unlike most robotic systems that force you to choose between programmed motion and remote manual (joystick) operation, MotionDirector gives you the best of both worlds: the precision and predictability of a pre-programmed trajectory, combined with the flexibility to speed up, slow down, or make small – or large – corrections to any axis while a programmed movement is in progress. Because the real-world can be unpredictable, and you need a robotic system that gives you the flexibility required to adapt to everything it can throw at you. Including:

  • In-Flight Bumping: Trimming a shot from the joystick panel while the camera is in motion
  • Time Dilation: Stretching or Compressing the length of a Movement (Preset recall or Move) before or while in motion

Unlimited Creativity

The mathematically derived algorithms ensure smoothness through any movement, allowing the camera artist to focus on the subject and not the robot. Simply frame each shot, arrange them in the desired sequence and extract the desired emotion or look by speeding up or slowing down a particular segment or keyframe. Then press “Run” and watch the magic unfold exactly the same, each and every time. MotionDirector makes it easy by offering:

  • Keyframed Moves
  • On CamBot XY systems: Smooth, non-linear floor movements through key-framed points on the floor.
  • Natural Motion Algorithm: perfectly smooth starts and stops to all programmed movements, including transitions through keyframes
  • Record manual (joystick) movements, 1 or more axes at a time, overtop of a keyframed move.
  • Adjustable acceleration and deceleration on every preset or keyframe

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