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Tria Express Video Clip Server

The Tria Express clip server is the perfect switcher companion. Meet the artistic demands of live program creation with clips, finished video segments and animated switcher transitions.

Extend Switcher Capabilities

Effectively integrates with switchers for clip management and clip load functions, as controlled directly from the switcher.

Reduce Production Complexity

Tria Express is built to handle all your media needs. Easily ingest “base-band” media via HD-SDI or SD-SDI video inputs; save on external router costs with built-in input/output audio routing.

Media File Import & Export

The Tria Express media file import/export tools provide the widest range of format support of any video production server. This ensures the fastest time-to-air for any content you receive or produce.

Video, Key and Audio

Inexpensive clip server solution that unites video, key and audio content into a single clip asset. Every Tria Express server is configured with a key channel output for easy import and playback of keying content.

Easy-to-use Graphical Interface

Employs a simple interface for clip trimming and naming with comprehensive Playlist creation and playout capability. Includes an “Engineering Setup” application for full server management.

High Speed Media Storage

Rely on predictable outcomes for your live productions with swappable SSD drives for fast sharing of clip media from one Tria Express server to another.

Tria Express Clip Server Overview Video

Tria Express servers support a wide range of live production applications with 2 or 3 output channels, and control integration with a wide range of live production switchers—including Ross Acuity and Carbonite series.


Flexible Channels

Tria Express is offered in two- or three-channel configurations, with key-channel output capability. Learn more…

Enhanced Playlists and Timecode Chase

Intuitive controls provide unmatched Playlist creation and editing. Learn more…

Fast File Import & Export

Fast media file import and export, with a wide range of codec support. Learn more…

VKA Workflow

Every Tria Express server can be configured with a key channel output. Keys or mattes can be easily imported and played back without having to “gang” channels together, as is the case with more expensive clip servers. Learn more…

Live Recording

Tria Express is the only clip server at its price point that offers live input video recording. Learn more…

Reliable & Portable SSD Media

Tria is built with dependable SSD media storage, for easy capture and transport of your clip library. Learn more…


Now with AVC-Intra!

AVC-Intra makes the affordable and essential feature set of Tria Express a better fit for live events, web-streaming and edit-heavy productions

1080P Support – Great for Large Displays & Web Streaming
Interlaced formats such as 1080i are great for traditional over-the-air broadcasters, but aren’t ideal for live venues and web streaming. AVC-Intra supports 1080P progressive-scan content, allowing you to send smooth, high-quality video into your large venue displays and/or internet streams.

Compatible with Modern Workflows
The AVC-Intra codec provides higher image quality and is much more accommodating to modern file-based workflows, being widely adopted in video editing products such as Adobe Premiere Pro®. This high image quality can be maintained throughout the entire editing workflow, while avoiding time-consuming media file transcoding when importing and exporting content to/from Tria Express.


Choosing a Tria Express clip server begins with selecting the native recording & playout video codec:

  • AVC Intra model: HD @100Mb/s & @200Mb/s
  • JPEG-2000 model: SD & HD @15Mb/s to 200Mb/s

This determines the supported video formats of the system:

HD Video 1080p /50 /59.94
1080p /23.98
1080psf /23.98
1080i /59.94 /50
720p /59.94 /50
SD Video 525i /59.94
625i /50

After that, select your desired channel count:

HD / SD Channels (2) Video+Audio OUT
IN available on one OUT

User-reconfigurable as:
(1) Video+Key+Audio OUT
IN available on OUT

(2) Video+Audio OUT | (1) Video+Audio+Key OUT
IN available on one OUT

User-reconfigurable as:
(2) Video+Key+Audio OUT
IN available on one OUT

Unparalleled Switcher Interface

Tria Express supports multiple control protocols, providing tight integration not only with Ross switchers—but also with a broad range of third-party switchers. Many switcher manufacturers have integrated control over Tria Express directly from the switcher’s control panel – which enables advanced features—such as clip library review; clip selection; clip loading; and baseband live recording. This level of integration simplifies your live production workflows, and reduces the possibility of operator errors.

RS-422 Interface / AMP protocol

When Tria Express channels are connected to a switcher via dedicated RS-422 interface or via Ethernet, the system becomes even more productive. VKA clip playback can be combined with switcher transitions and effects, all controlled directly from the control surface of most switchers. With the most comprehensive interface and fastest response time available, you can rely upon Tria Express in the heat of your live productions.



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Comparison Charts
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Tria Express Manual
Tria Express Hardware Quick Start Guide
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Application Notes
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Software Upgrades
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