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Tria News | News Playout Server

Tria News is designed precisely for today’s rapid-fire live television newsroom environments. Get your late-breaking news stories on-air quickly and effectively with this news playout server and the Ross newsroom ecosystem.

Newsroom Codec Support

Handles the news-gathering native codec media files typically found in newsrooms: XDCAM 35; XDCAM 50; and AVC-I 50. These codecs ensure a fast and highly efficient workflow across your entire newsroom solution.

Part of a Larger MOS Story

Tria News and Ross Streamline is the cornerstone of an efficient MOS workflow for news media playout—part of the most comprehensive, seamlessly-integrated MOS newsroom solution offered from a single vendor—Ross!

Organized Storage

Compelling news coverage is built on footage, and the perfect companion to Tria News is Ross Streamline—which easily manages your footage, distributes it across your network, and creates rundown playlists for your live news shows.

Four-Channel Flexibility

Efficiently present newsroom media assets from four independent PGM playout channels. Need full playout redundancy? Streamline makes it easy: media and rundown playlists can be automatically duplicated across two Tria News servers—for complete ‘playout peace of mind’ during all your live news shows.

Fast-Breaking News

Get all your late-breaking news stories on-air faster than ever before, using baseband record and media file export tools built right into Tria News. Your edit suites can access these captured clips from—and publish finished news stories directly to—your central NAS. Tria News then plays all stories directly from the NAS under Streamline control.

Live On-Air Reliability

Tria News is built upon the rock-solid Abekas server platform, which is designed for consistent, 24/7 operation. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Tria News and Streamline’s optional redundant media mirroring with manual override control helps to avoid disruptions to your live news shows.

Tria News Overview Video

Tria News takes the power of the Abekas server platform and adds support for the playout of common, native-codec media files typically used in the newsroom. This 4-channel playout server is part of a simple and efficient Ross Video MOS-connected workflow for newsroom media playout.


Four PGM Channels

The Tria News playout server provides 4-PGM channels with support for the most commonly-used newsroom media file codecs: XDCAM 35; XDCAM 50; and AVC-I 50. All video channels support both Embedded and AES audio I/O. Learn more…

Media Asset Management

Tria News goes hand-in-hand with the Streamline Media Asset Management system. Streamline’s whole purpose in life is to organize your files, put them in the right place and prepare your rundown playlists for presentation from the Tria News playout server. Learn more…

Rundown Control

Streamline processes the show rundowns built in your NRCS and creates rundown playlists in Tria News that efficiently playout across the PGM channels you define. Learn more…

Record & Export

Quickly capture footage from video feeds and export it to your central NAS and edit suites. Tria News easily handles crash records during breaking news events. Learn more…

Local & Direct NAS Playout

In addition to internal local SSD media storage, Tria News can playout clips directly from your central NAS, to ensure quick-turnaround in rapid-fire live news broadcasts. Learn more…

Mirroring & Redundancy

Tria News and Streamline provide extensive redundancy and failsafe measures to ensure you always have access to the content you need—and can always take that content to air. Learn more…

Diagram Tria News & Streamline Newsroom Media Playout The playout part of the newsroom solution. Tria News & Streamline come together to organize the media assets across your MOS newsroom workflow, prepare your rundown playlists, and take your content to air. Inception News Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) The NRCS is your home base and Inception News centralizes your web, social media and broadcast workflows into a single browser-based platform—enabling easy team collaboration. As your crew gathers content and your show rundowns are built, Streamline distributes published news story media files to Tria News, to your central NAS and to any other storage location you require. When it’s time to go on-air, your rundown is queued up as a playlist within Tria News for worry-free playout. Any on-the-fly changes you make to the rundown will be automatically and efficiently relayed to the Tria News playlist. OverDrive Automated Production Control While Streamline provides the Tria News rundown control needed for an effective news playout solution, OverDrive consolidates control of your entire production into a single rundown-based script. OverDrive allows for manual, semi-automated or fully-automated control of production switchers, routing systems, video servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras and graphic systems. EVO Signature Series Network Attached Storage (NAS) News happens fast, and the Ross EVO Signature Series NAS boosts your crew’s efficiency with a multi-port, high-performance, consolidated central storage system. Fully integrated with the Tria News/Streamline solution and built with support for multiple non-linear editing (NLE) systems, EVO forms the backbone for time-sensitive, highly efficient breaking news workflows. Record footage into Tria News with media files exported directly onto the EVO NAS, edit that captured footage with your NLE, publish finished stories back to a separate partition on the EVO, and then playout your stories through Tria News directly from the EVO storage space. XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics XPression’s MOS Plug-In makes it easy to search for graphics, fulfill templates or generate work orders for new content across your newsroom ecosystem. From the NRCS, journalists can replace text, stills, or clips, and make changes to any published item in the scene, while preserving the rest of the design elements. The XPression MOS Plug-in is supported by Ross Inception News and by most other major NRCS appliances. Complete MOS Newsroom Solutions The ‘Tria News/Streamline’ newsroom playout solution is part of the complete Ross newsroom ecosystem. From a lean local station to wide-ranging network television, Ross can provide a newsroom solution that’s perfectly scaled to meet your staffing and budget requirements:


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Native Codecs Tria News includes one native recording & playout video codec:
DVCPRO-HD: SD@50Mb/s | HD@100Mb/s

Native playout video codecs (MXF wrapper):
• AVC-Intra: HD@50Mb/s
• XDCAM: HD@35Mb/s | HD@50Mb/s

HD Video (All Codecs) 1080i /50 / 59.94
720p /59.94 /50
SD Video (DVCPRO) 625i /50
525i /59.94



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