Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Standard System Includes:

  • 1x NK-IPS NK Network IP Configuration Device
  • 1x MC1-MK A/V Mixer Keyer
  • 1x OGX-FR openGear® Frame with Network Control
  • DashBoard Control Software
MC1-1643G / HD / SD 16 Input Master Control
MC1-163G / HD / SD 16 Input Master Control with 12 Aux Buses
MC1-323G / HD / SD 32 Input Master Control (Configurable to 72)
MC1-643G / HD / SD 64 Input Master Control (Configurable to 72)
MC1-1283G / HD / SD 128 Input Master Control (Configurable to 144)


System OptionsDetails
MC1-MKAdditional Multi-Channel or Backup MC1-MK A/V Mixer Keyer
OGX-FRopenGear® 20 Slot Frame with Network Control
PS-OGXRedundant Power Supply for OGX-FR Frame
MC1-EAS-C4 Channel Analog audio Emergency Alert Interface
MC1-EAS-A8 Channel Digital AES audio Emergency Alert Interface
MC1-PortExComtrol Network Port Expander Interface (Required for EAS support)
MC1 Control OptionsDetails
MC1-TSWidescreen 22˝ LCD Touchscreen Display
MC1-DB-CLN1RU Rackmount Control PC w/ Redundant PSU and DVI Output, Windows OS
MC1-PANEL-16MC1 Control Panel w/ 16 Source Buttons
Router Control OptionsDetails
RCP-NK140 LED Illuminated Button Local / Remote Control Panel


MC1-COM-1STOnsite Commissioning, 1st Day
MC1-COM-ADDOnsite Commissioning, Additional Day
MC1-COM-REMRemote Commissioning

* Commissioning packages are based on size and scale of the installation and the components involved.