ST2110 AIMS-Compliant

Media Networking & Processing

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SWIFT ST2110 AIMS-Compliant Media Networking and Processing

SWIFT by ROSS takes the worry out of AIMS-compliant media networking, and enables you to focus on your core business. SWIFT integrates a production-ready SDI-to-IP gateway on a programmable system-on-chip, while offering a cost-effective and flexible platform for your media processing applications.

SWIFT™ supports multiple audio and video transport, synchronization and control protocols covering the entire AIMS roadmap and more, including Dante/SAP, RAVENNA and NMOS. As standards moves, your hardware investment keeps pace. SWIFT™ takes the worry out of the network.

Outplay Your Competition

Create a unique selling proposition and differentiate your product with rapid and flexible customization.

Curate Your Customer’s Experience

Improve your customer’s workflow. Don’t get handcuffed to a proprietary protocol’s controller and workflow.

Perform Across Markets

Get the ST2110 performance you need to grow your revenue today.

Your Brand First

Promote your equipment, not your supplier’s protocol and user interface.

Plan For The Future Today

Live video with your audio on the same network from the experts who do both.

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  • Multiprotocol support, with guaranteed interoperability
    – SMPTE ST 2022-6/7
    – SMPTE ST 2110-10/20/30/40/50 (VSF TR-03/TR-04)
  • Redundancy for network port and stream, so everything works reliably
    – Dual or Quad-10GE Ethernet interfaces
    – Seamless stream redundancy
  • Networked media clock distribution and synchronization, to avoid the need for frame syncs, and reduce cabling costs
    – SDI clock recovery
  • Standard Media Interfaces, to avoid costly converters
    – 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0 and DP available
    – Analog audio, AES3 and MADI
  • AES67/Dante compatibility, to interoperate with a significant installed base
  • DashBoard Control, which features audio connection control, network stream and device management
    – JSON API for integration into your ecosystem
    – Future-proof via in-system upgrades
  • Available with a Product Development Kit (PDK) to enable your differentiation
    – A framework for Linux-based Media Processing


Ross Solves Networking So You can Focus on Your Core Business.

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