Data Solutions

Data Solutions

The SMPTE 334M (Vertical Ancillary Data Mapping for Bit-Serial Interface) standard defines a method of coding which allows data services to be carried in the vertical ancillary data space of a bit-serial component television signal conforming with SMPTE 292M or ANSI/SMPTE 259M.

The following openGear® products provide VANC encoding capabilities.


    VANC Captioning CDP Analyzer

    The CDP-100 monitors captioning CDPs in a SMPTE 292 signal for compliance to the SMPTE 334 standard. It reports and logs any variances from the standard.

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    General Purpose Interface Card

    Designed to provide a way for customers to integrate GPI/GPO capability into their systems in a scalable, cost effective fashion.

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    3G / HD / SD SDI VANC Processor

    The TES-8643 is a single channel advanced VANC Data processor, capable of insertion, processing, and extraction in a large variety of VANC Data workflows.

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    VANC Data Authoring Inserter

    The VAC-100 VANC Data Authoring Inserter provides a cost-effective means of authoring and inserting the most common VANC data into a SMPTE 259M or SMPTE 292M signal.

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    VANC Data Detector and Trigger

    The VDD-100 VANC Data Detector provides a GPI/O trigger based on detecting a specific user-defined packet in the VANC.

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    VANC Data Monitoring

    The VRC-100 VANC receiver card provides a simple and highly configurable way of monitoring the VANC data in a SMPTE 292M signal.

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