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Inception v15 Introduction Webinar
with Jenn Jarvis & Nikki Renoit

Join the Inception product team for an overview of the version 15 software release. Improvements include new options for flexible content planning and new user permissions for MOS workflows.

Inception v14 Introduction Webinar
with Jenn Jarvis

Join the Inception product team for an overview of the version 14 software release. New features include a recycle bin, new color options for running orders and additional workflows for creating content.

Inception v13 Introduction Webinar
with Nikki Renoit

Inception Version 13 includes more than two dozen new features. Join the Inception product team for an overview, including Playout Preview, Story Linking, MOS improvements and Production Cue enhancements.

Inception v12 Introduction Webinar
with Jenn Jarvis

Join the Inception team for an overview of the exciting new features in V12, including multizone story locking, reports and MOS placeholder templates.


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    User Stories

    • What’s practical about Inception is that it lets us be very responsive when we’re live on air so we can quickly change themes and stories on the fly and bring in interviewees. Watch the video…

      Laetitia Van Impe
      Content Editor, LN24
    • It’s a real meeting of minds between Sky and Ross, and I think it will be a very long and fruitful relationship. The products had to do what they did today, well, and they did that. Watch the video…

      Jack Horry
      Platform Manager, Sky
    • Inception is easy to use. From the moment we took part in the demo with the Ross team, we knew that we had to have it. Read more…

      Carlos Caceres
      Gameday Producer for the Jacksonville Jaguars
    • We needed a tool to help students use a variety of diverse media technologies to reach equally diverse audiences. Inception met our complete content production requirements and instructional needs. Read more…

      Bill Dawson
      Chief Engineer at Pepperdine University